Welcom to the Big Time Curtis Axel


Last night Paul Heyman unveiled his new ‘Heyman Guy’.  The world was reintroduced to Michael McGillicutty.  Curtis Axel is a combination of his father’s name Curt Hennig and his grandfather’s Larry ‘The Axe’ Hennig.  Many people were skeptical about this move, but a lot of people have been excited about Curtis Axel for a very long time.  He worked with The Rock for his latest run, and Triple H has liked him for a while now as well.  On the mic he isn’t as good as his father, but partnering him with Heyman will give him the mouth piece he needs to back up his talent in the ring.  It was surprising that the twitter universe expected RVD to return last night, but with his constant violations with the wellness policy and his age it really made no sense whatsoever.   Curtis Axel is only 33 and its about time the WWE start to look toward the youth of the company in order to build toward the future.  Curtis Axel may or may not be WWE champion one day, but as of now I look forward to see what he’s capable of being.  The New Nexus angle didn’t give him an opportunity to shine, but maybe this time it’ll be different.  Welcome to the big time Curtis


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