Astros Start Selling Dirty Snow Cones


Sometime when you got to go, you got to go. Though you may want to qustion where your snow cone came from next time you’re at a Houston Astros game.

A food vendor in Houston has been fired after cell phone footage caught the man laying a tray of snow cones on the ground while going to the restroom on Monday night. The other thing I’d like to question is why this guy is filming someone using the restroom. I get it that it’s a rare sight but this guy got a little to close to his subject.

The incident was caught on a cell phone at Minute Maid Park. The footage was turned over to the local NBC affiliate and aired on the newscast as well as being posted to their website.

“Well, right away, I just thought, ‘We gotta let this guy go. There is no doubt about it. That was my decision,” Ryan said, according to Local 2, when Spencer asked Ryan what he thought about the incident.

Later in the evening, Ryan released an official statement, stating “The Astros were notified immediately by our partner ARAMARK of the incident involving a vendor on Monday night. We commend the swift reaction displayed by ARAMARK of terminating the employee immediately upon learning of the incident that evening.”


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