LeBron James and the Road to Victory

LeBron James is not Michael Jordan. LeBron James is not Kobe Bryant. LeBron James is not Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Shaq, or anyone else for that matter. LeBron James is well…LeBron James. LeBron isn’t someone who should be compared to players of old anymore he’s the star of this current generation in the NBA. Instead LeBron should be compared to upcoming stars in the league and they should go through the same criticisms, trials and errors, and both mental and physical training that LeBron pushed himself through.

The entire season LeBron pushed aside and through all the past criticisms he had to endure and placed on his back. He did it again last night by proving he’s a closer. Remember all the criticism the Miami Heat forward used to receive for not wanting to take a big shot? Remember when he got ripped for passing off late in games? Well I didn’t see that last night, instead James gripped the ball tight in his hands and focused on the basket. In an almost surreal fluid motion LeBron made the big play to win game one against the Pacers.

It was always silly,’’ Heat forward Shane Battier said of that criticism. “At least in my mind it was.’’

“Once I got the ball, I was the only option,’’ James said. “I was the only option at that point. Especially with only being two-plus seconds. As unselfish as a player I am, I cannot, no way, try to make a pass at that point.’’

Wednesday offered an impressive duel between James and up-and-coming Pacers forward Paul George. James had a triple-double of 30 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists while George had 27 points and pair of plays that nearly doomed the Heat.

LeBron fully deserved his MVP award this year as he rose up from the ashes he left behind last year. This year’s LeBron is a new Lebron. If LeBron and the Heat continue to play like this no one will be able to stop them to the finish. There’s only one game down and 3 to go if I’m going to get my prediction right with the Heatwave sweeping the Pacers. Sorry Heat Haters and James Haters it’s time to get over the wall of iggnorance you built and acknowldge the fact the LeBron plays beautiful basketball and that you really would like to have him on your team.

All Hail King James.


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