“Tito”, Back In Boston

As the Indians prepair to take on the Red Sox in Boston for a four game series all the talk seems to be circling around Indians manager Terry Francona going back to Fenway to take on his former team. It is a big deal, I mean your going back to a place you spent seven years at and had great success. It would be like one of us going back to a former job, a lot of memories good and bad would start surfacing. One question I was wondering though is say your a MLB manager, you have to know that it’s almost certain that you’ll be with more than one club if your going to stay managing, and with that it’s almost certain that you’ll end up playing against your former team. For us if we quit or get fired from a job we don’t have to go back unless we want to, for them they have to. So the question i was wondering is, since they already know it’s going to happen don’t they prepair themselves for it? Then I got to thinking that there’s no way, that there really is no good way to prepair for that and I don’t think even when Francona saw the schedule and said ok on those dates we’ll be in Boston he could even know how to handle the way it will hit him.

With Boston in his first year as their manager in 2004 they broke the “curse of the bambino” by sweeping the Cardinals to win it’s first world series since 1918. Then in 2007 after winning three games straight in the ALSC against, who else, the Cleveland Indians went on to sweep and win another series against the Rockies. Not only was it the two series but he also won his 500th and 1000th games among other accomplishments during his time in Boston.

” I don’t think he will let anyone see it if it’s emotional for him…” Said tribe pitcher Justin Masterson who played two years in Boston under francona. “But I think the caring individual that he is, there’s always going to be a soft spot in his heart for Boston, for Fenway Park and for everything that took place there, and rightfully so.

When he walks out on that field I think only that’s when the full extent of it is going to hit him. Like anything any of us may have once said we were prepaired for and then when it came down to it we kind of took a deep breath and thought wow and all kinds of things start racing through our minds.  “I’m sure i’ll have a lot of emotions.” He said ” I’m proud to go back there as an Indian, I don’t want that to get lost in the shuffle.” With that and knowing that he is a strong manager that has already proved he can lead the Indians through ups and downs I think that after the first pitch it’ll be just down to business and let’s beat these Red Sox!


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