Bo Dallas is a Waste of Talent

I don’t know why the WWE insist on pushing Bo Dallas.  He’s a an average wrestler, and in my opinion he looks extremely creepy.  The WWE recently put the NXT title on him in the hopes that he performs well with it.  When the WWE tried to push him after the Royal Rumble he barely got a reaction from the audience.  Why continue trying?  His moveset isn’t spectacular, I would’ve preferred to see Cory Graves, Bray Wyatt, or even Sami Zayn get pushed before him.  Sami Zayn should immediately make the main roster…Ole!  What i’m getting at is that this is the WWE yet again trying to shove someone undeserving down our throats.  There are people on the current roster who deserve to be pushed before this guy, but will they? Nope not a chance.  I’d rather see Yoshi Tatsu win the Money in the Bank than to see Bo Dallas deliver that lame belly to belly suplex finisher.  Who the hell gets pinned by a rolling belly to belly?  I’ll tell you who, Kate Gosselin.  WWE do yourself a favor stop the push of Bo Dallas and focus on the actual talented guys such as Mason Ryan, Alex Riley, Sami Zayn, PTP, etc. 


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