Tribe Flops at Fenway


The Boston Red Sox took the Indians three games to one in a rain soaked four game series over the weekend. Not the series I had hoped for to say the least.

Thursdays opener looked good for the tribe as they beat up the Sox 12-3. That win was short lived though as the Indians were then beat up on in Fridays game losing 8-1. After both teams having a big win over the other Saturdays game was closer with the tribe up by one or tied most of the game. Then came the 8th inning. With the tribe up 4-3 Vinnie Pestano came out and pitched the worst outing of his career. He gave up three doubles leading to four runs on four hits and a Boston come back win 7-4 over the tribe. Sundays game looked again good for the tribe. Starter Corey Kluber worked 6 2/3 innings only allowing one run, one walk, and struck out a career high ten. With a 5-2 lead going into the ninth it looked like the series would be split. Not so, Boston was able to get two quick runs on two ground outs off closer Chris Perez. Now with two down and only down by a run Boston gets a walk, a single, a stolen base, and another walk off Perez to load them up. Perez is then pulled with pain in his shoulder and Joe Smith takes his place on the mound. Smith wasn’t out long though. Against his first batter Jacoby Ellsbury on a 2-1 count Ellsbury doubles in the tying and winning run bringing the Sox to a 6-5 win.

So as if an 8th inning loss wasn’t bad enough then we get a 9th right after. I’m just gald we’re done playing the Red Sox for the rest of the season!


2 thoughts on “Tribe Flops at Fenway

  1. Thought I would let you know that my page is about to be deleted in place of Thought you and your followers might like to know I am taking the self-hosting route. I am taking a short break to get everything in place and write more material but the new site is up and it

    • Thanks for letting me know, I’ll save the url and check it out when it’s finished, I’d go the same route but don’t really have the extra cash to flex currently. I look forward to seeing the new site

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