LA vs NY vs Chicago vs The Bay


So not only was Monday the start of the battle of Ohio but it was also the start of the great city battles. The Cubs vs the white Sox, the Mets vs The Yankees, the Angels vs the Dodgers, and the battle of the bay Giants vs the As. I love these city rivalry games, I don’t know what it is about them but I love to follow them.

The biggest win of the day in thses had to of been the Cubs 7-0 shut out of the White Sox. Jeff Samardzija is the first Cubs pitcher to throw a shut out since 2011.

The other big win I think was the Mets 2-1 win over them Yankees. The Yankees scored their run in the 6th but the Mets got em with one in each the 7th and 8th.

The upsetting ones for me was the Angels 8-7 loss to the Dodgers after being up 6-2 after the 4th, and the Giants 4-1 loss to the As in the bay.

I like at least one team in each of these except for the NY teams, in that case I go for the Mets, but even if you don’t like any of these teams and never thought about it you should check out these games. Like I said, there’s just something about the city rivalry games that’s pretty cool to just listen to or watch.


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