Rude Fans in Sports (Adam Goodes)

I’ll never forget going to a Packer game in Green Bay and sitting in the front row behind the endzone. The Lions were practicing by us and, of course, some fans were yelling taunts and being rude. One of the Lions players turn to look in my direction and yell “Shut the f*** up you f****** Packer backers!”

To be honest I was quite speechless but I can understand where this player is coming from. The world of sports is filled with rude fans who do what they please, like flip off players who’ve lost and are on their way to the locker room or throw bananas on the field because they think a player looks like a monkey.

I get it we’re all fans at some point and you could care less but sometimes I think we need to put our emotions aside or leave them at home.

The world of sports can return fire to those who go out of bounds in the stands and a prime example and a sad story is what happened during a football match in Australia.

Even though the crowd was screaming and chanting Adam Goodes was able to hear a slur through the noise. Someone had just yelled “Ape” at him!

He stopped, turned around and immediately pointed her out to stadium security. Yes, her. The person who shouted the word “Ape!” at Adam Goodes, who is an Australian Aborigine, was a 13-year-old girl.

She was escorted out of the stadium, and Goodes said the entire situation broke his heart. “That’s what hurt me so bad,” the 33-year-old Sydney Swans star said. “When I turned around, I just saw this young face and … it was just sad.” The girl later apologized to Goodes, and he has declined to press charges, hoping that she will undergo an “education program” instead.

It completely baffles me that someone of that age would say something like that. I hope she’s learned her lesson and that becomes a lesson for others.


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