The Terry Bradshaw Show


Every year I’m finding out that more and more people think they can sing and dance, from American Idol and The Voice to Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman taking on broadway.

Now, NFL legend, Terry Bradshaw canwill find out if Usher or Adam Levine will let him move on to the next round. I’m kidding of course he’s not appearing on The Voice he’s going to see if he can handle the velvet curtain spotlight in Las Vegas. This June, the four-time Super Bowl winner and sports broadcasting eccentric will delight audiences at The Mirage with an all-singing, all-dancing stage show called “A Life In Four Quarters.” Billed as “a 70-minute show of comedy, storytelling and singing,” Bradshaw will bash out tunes, accompanied by a team of dancers called the IQuties. It will even have its own halftime show. If you get bored or sick to your stomach you can at least gamble or drink until it gets good.

P.S. Terry stick to broadcasting, please.


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