Three Straight Late

Joey Votto

Todays battle of Ohio series started out just like the last two games ended for the tribe, another close game and another late inning loss.

The Reds jumped to an early lead with a, go figure, Shin-Soo Choo homer in the first. With the tribe in the 4th and the Reds in the 6th both getting sac fly runs the Reds were still up by one. In the 8th Jason Giambi broke an 0 for 24 slump with a homer to center field and tied it up again at 2 all. But it was that dreaded bottom of the eighth again for the tribe as the Reds took a 4-2 lead off of Nick Hagadone when Joey Votto homered on a fly ball to left field. That would end up the final score as the tribe now have lost three in a row.

In the 9th is when I lost any respect I had for the Reds. With Nick Swisher batting the Reds idiot pitcher Aroldis Chapman throws one over his head. The two stare eachother down then he pitches one right at Swishers head. This brings all the Indians to the steps of the dug out ready to rush the mound. Even the announcers said the best thing Swisher could do is drill one right at this guys temple so he knows what it’s like. Swisher keeps his cool though then knocked one to deep left but it fell short of a homer for the 2nd out. Then what really got me was this pitcher then had the nerve to run his mouth to Swisher as he was walking back to the dug out. Really man, now you’re just a punk. You just threw a 100 mph ball at this guys head and your running your mouth. If that would’ve hit him it could’ve killed him. Now I really hope the Indians crush them in the next three games!

The starting pitching though was yet again not a factor in the late inning loss. Ubaldo Jimenez like Corey Kluber in Sundays loss had a great outing. Jimenez walked 4 but only allowed 2 runs on 4 hits and struck out 6.

With starting pitching still hanging in there strong the tribe has to work on getting back in that come back from behind and if they have the lead keep it mode that they had so well not too long ago. Along with that the bullpen that just a few weeks ago seemed unbeatable has gotten out of that rhythm too lately and has to get that back to be able to keep from allowing these runs in late innings that have been leading to losses.


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