Ray Charles to Drop Puck at Bruins Game


Not sure if you were expecting an article about the Ray Charles or not, if so then I fooled you. Ray Charles is actually the name of the above adorable blind puppy who is a extreme Bruins fan.

He’s been quite successful during his short time on this planet. He’s less than six months old and he’s already been named Modern Dog magazine’s Dog of the Week with more than 3,500 votes, gotten more than 28,000 likes on his Facebook, and now became the subject of an online petition to get him to TD Garden to drop the puck at a B’s game.

The petition reads, “An avid Boston Bruins fan, Ray would like to drop the puck at a Bruins home game and we need your help to make this happen. For all the joy he has brought us, it seems only fair that we take a few moments to sign his petition,” was reportedly to get 2,000 signatures. As of Tuesday night, it had already surpassed that total.

Charles is ready to go, and I’d love to see him drop the puck in the next home game. Go Bruins! Also sorry Bruins fans this post was for you but I’m thinking the Penquins are going to win.


5 thoughts on “Ray Charles to Drop Puck at Bruins Game

  1. Hey, on paper, most people would say the Penguins will win the series.. but in 2011, the Canucks had THE best offense, defense, and power play, as well as the 1st and 4th best scorers and a bunch more near the top.. people said on paper, the Canucks should win.. but the Bruins beat them! It’s not over till it’s really over!

    • Oh I totally agree with you, this round will go down to the final seconds! It looks to be a great round of games and after watching the Bruins the past couple of games I really wanted to take their side. My heart says Bruins to me but talent and big play ability is telling me to pick the Penquigns. It’ll be like watching the Heat vs Pacers on ice!

      • Ya I hear you, but talent isn’t the only factor. For instance, play style or team systems will matter. The Pens defensemen tend to pinch in to help the offense, which leaves us chances to get breakaways and/or odd-man rushes if we play well defensively, which we usually do. Also, the Pens’ goaltending is a big question. We should be able to expose Vokoun, which means lots of scoring for us.. and even it’ll be even better if they pull him and put in Fleury. I think this will be a surprisingly close matchup. It should be very exciting.

      • Ugh don’t get me started on Vokoun’s goal tending skills, once he’s exposed he’s exposed. Though it may take several games before that happens, though the Bruins will be his real test, especially since he doesn’t have much Stanley Cup experience. The Penguins could play too aggressive and leave themselves open on the defensive end so you have a very good point there. I’m afraid that a lot of the games will be played on the Bruins end of the rink which could go either way for both teams. Either it’ll work out for the Pens or they’ll fall flat on the ice. Either way this is the best match-up of the Stanley cup so far. I always believe that who you’re matched up against will determine your fate, but these teams are too perfect of rivals for one another. It’ll be a true test between the team with the best talent on paper versus the team on a hot streak.

      • Well said. This is definitely the most exciting matchup so far. It will be the biggest test of both teams yet. But I’m gonna be absolutely pissed if I see the Pens diving or giving dirty hits! I’m watching you Matt Cooke!

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