2 Down / 2 Up


Literally for direction in Ohio and for wins and losses for the tribe, on this odd two games there two games here split four game series, it was 2 down in Cincinnati and 2 up in Cleveland. I guess one way to look at it is that anybody that went to any of these games got to see what they wanted!

The Indians lead the league with runs scored with two men out. They’ve scored something like 45 or 47% of their runs this season with two out and Thursdays win to split this series was no exception. In the bottom of the fourth with two on and two out the tribe cracked six consecutive hits, three singles and three doubles, to drive in their 7 runs in the 7-1 victory.

That’s one thing you got to love about the tribe. In one game they can drive guys home with the long ball then in others their able to look around and hit in the gaps to bring their guys home. Even better when the guys can go up to the plate, when it’s supposedly harder, and say alright two down we can do this all day and starts crackin em home!

Scott Kazmir gave the tribe another solid start. Going 7, his longest start since 2010, he allowed only one run on eight hits, he walked one and struck out five!  Getting the win Kazmir is now 3-2 on the season.

The Rays are now in town for a three game series. Todays opener will see the Indians and the Rays battling it out for their 30th win as both clubs now sit at 29-24!


2 thoughts on “2 Down / 2 Up

  1. It was a great game last night for Cleveland, I was watching from my local Dave and Buster’s. sadly the Brewers were playing on the tv next to it but I tried to avoid watching it.

    • That’s awesome you got to watch it man! Was a great game! I know the poor Brewers. The worst thing is is that their not a bad team they just seem to have the worst luck trying to get a good rhythm down.

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