Jamarcus Russell. Will he get a second chance?


Former 1st overall pick Jamarcus Russell has been working really hard, to making a comeback to the NFL and prove to us all, that he isn’t the ‘biggest’ bust in the last 10 years. When Russell was Draft, he was coming out of LSU, with a huge amount of potential to be something truly great, but there was just one problem. He was just too lazy. Falling asleep during team meetings,  late for practice, showing very little effort in the weight room, and just overall not wanting to put in the work to be great. During his 3-4 year stint with the Raiders. He took a huge chunk of their money and ran to the nearest Buffet and was never seen from again………………Until about the last year or so.The guy went from about 260 lbs, which is still huge for a QB and ended up around 310 lbs. The weight problem and poor work habits were the reasons that got him cut from the raiders back when he was still playing.

Now, heading into this year. It looks like he has been reborn in a way. He has dropped nearly 50 lbs,(down to about 265 lbs) been training with former pro QB Jeff Garcia, and doing everything he can to get his way back into the NFL and prove his critics wrong. Now many people say that he shouldn’t get another chance from any NFL team, but I would have to disagree. Look, we all make mistakes and sometimes it takes some pain and suffering, for us to grow up. He is showing fire and passion to be something great now. For me at the very least, if I was a NFL General Manager. I would offer him the league minimum and bring him in as a camp body. It would cost me next to nothing, to see what he’s got and if he doesn’t impress me, I can get rid of him, with no problems. However, if he does impress, and shows that same potential he had in collage. I could probably get him to sign a multiple year deal after this year, (assuming he stays on the straight and narrow) for cheap and at the very least, have a good back up option for QB. Now with reports that there is big interest in him, he might get his chance. Do I think he will make a team? No, but it should be interesting to see, if he can Resurrect his career.


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