Navarro Knocks 3 Out


Dioner Navarro, ever heard of him? I’ve only heard his name a few times before and that’s because he plays back up to Castillo as the Cubs catcher, so he doesn’t play all that often. Wednesday though he made sure everybody knew he was playing.

In his 13th start Wednesday he doubled his homers hit this season from three to six! Hitting a solo in the 2nd and a two run in the 4th both right handed, then going left handed he hit a three run in the 7th. This was his first career multi homer game and he also set a career high 6 RBIs. In the 6th he was walked then singled in so really he was part of all but 2 runs for the cubs in their 9-3 win over the White Sox.

He’s now the first Cubs player to hit three homers in a game since 2010 and the first Cubs catcher to do it since 1974.

He used the same bat too with all the homers. Apparently he uses the same bat until it wears out. “I’m a really superstitious guy, and I had a good feeling for that bat.” He said after the game. In the 6th he even managed to get the bat back from a fan after he let go of it on a swing and it flew into the stands. Hey whatever works for you.

I like this because it goes to show that it’s not always the guys who’s names you always hear doing these kinds of things. I mean this guy is a back up catcher and he went out there helped his team to a win and played a game he’ll never forget. Makes you wonder how many other guys are out there and will do great things like this even if it may be for only one game.




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