NBA: Most Career Steals in Playoff History

Great list from SPORTS LIST OF THE DAY! I suggest checking it out.


How did those Chicago Bulls win those six titles? Scoring? Of course that’s the main reason. But defense, too. Serious defense.

And here is some serious evidence. Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan are one-two all time in NBA Playoff steals.

They, Magic Johnson, John Stockton (naturally – he’s the all-time regular season leader), Kobe Bryant and Jason Kidd lead all stealers: the only players with more than 300 postseason thefts.

It is important to note, the NBA did not start tracking steals until 1973-74.  Some old-timers like Jerry West and Oscar Robertson may have made the list had the stat been recorded before that season.

Still, most of these players would still be here and especially the guys at the top.

Check out seven-foot Hakeem Olajuwon. He could do it all.

1.  Scottie Pippen 395
2.  Michael Jordan 376
3.  Magic Johnson 358
4.  John Stockton

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