Saint Louis Rams: Ryan’s 2013 Season Predictions


The Rams are currently stuck as that better than average team that for some reason plays less than average football. The Rams are loaded with great potential players like Sam Bradford and their new amazing wide receiver Chris Givens. Sam Bradford hasn’t seemed to grow much in his position which is a little depressing due to the amount of hype he received out of college. Chris Givens on the other hand proved that he’s going to be a star in the league last year. I’d recommend putting him on your fantasy team.

The defensive side on the ball was the first to see changes for the Rams. Both defensive tackles Kendall Langford, from free agency, and Michael Brockers, drafted in the first round, were commissioned to do work on the D-line. Twin pass-rushers Chris Long and Robert Quinn were already there. Langford was brought on just days after the Rams signed cornerback Cortland Finnegan, who would then be paired with another rookie, 2012 defensive touchdowns leader Janoris Jenkins, in the starting lineup.

The Rams appear to be extremely focused on speed this season. They went on to sign Miami’s Ray Ray Armstrong after drafting fellow defensive back Brandon McGee from the same school. Armstrong ran a 4.69 40-yard dash, and at 6’3” 216 pounds.


The offense was next to see the changes, but the line needed help and once again the Rams seemed to focus on speedy players. Scott Wells was picked up last offseason, Jake Long was signed during this one and, regardless of whoever secures the remaining guard spot up front, St. Louis’ starting left guard will have had very limited NFL experience, as in fewer than two games played.

The Rams were able to get free-agent tight end Jared Cook. He’s as big a blur down the middle of the football field as a 6’5”, 250-pound man can be. Sadly he wasn’t the greatest last year with the Titans but I’m hoping he can pull it off big this year with the Rams.

In an attempt to get even more speed the Ram drafted Austin, who had a 4.34 40-yard dash at the 2013 NFL Combine and Stedman Bailey, a 4.52, and they were the twin missiles that combined for 37 touchdowns at West Virginia in 2012. Running back Zac Stacy, had a 4.55 at 5’8”, 216 pounds, has similar legs as Bailey but he’s just slightly more compact.

Schedule Review: 5-11

vs Cardinals: 1-0 W

As I stated in my Cardinals post Palmer will be trying to stretch the ball out giving up too many easy picks for this new fast and agile Rams team. Palmer will be made a fool of with the Rams pulling off an early big win.

@ Falcons: 1-1 L and @ Cowboys: 1-2 L

The Rams have grabbed up some great players but many of them are young and inexperienced. It doesn’t help my predictions much that I can’t see Sam Bradford doing much better than his usual self this season. The Falcons are going to the playoffs this year no doubt and they’ll tear the Rams apart offensively. The Cowboys are as average as the Rams are but because they’re at home they’ll be pulling off the win.

vs 49ers: 2-2 W

The Rams seemed to be the only team that knew the 49ers weakness last year. This team of high powered rookies will battle to the end with an OT win at home against the 49ers.

vs Jags: 3-2 W

The Jags have a lot of work to do, I don’t want to sound rude or bias here but this team is just awful. No reason anyone should lose to this team. Rams get a big win here.

@ Texans: 3-3 L, @ Panthers: 3-4 L, and vs Seahawks: 3-5 L

Like their rivals, the Cardinals, the Rams are forced to play all three of the big players in the NFC with two of them in their own division. The Texans always start off hot and their defensive players should have no probably keeping up with the Rams. The Panthers should have their act together this year and they’ll pull off a pretty big win, mostly from ground plays. Lastly the super Seahawks will have no problem controlling the Rams in at their own stadium by staying on their wide recievers with equally agile players.

vs Titans: 4-5 W

The Titans lost their very talented TE to the Rams and they’re just as lost as the Jags. Though the Titans just have some magic about them and they can always make good things happen for them. Sadly not in this game when the Rams beat them.

@ Colts: 4-6 L

I still don’t like the way Luck throws the ball and the Colts will need to back in the groove of things under Chuck. This game will be close and big plays will be the biggest factor. I think The Colts have a better chance of pulling off the big plays, so I’m picking the Colts in this one.


vs Bears: 4-7 L, @ 49ers: 4-8 L, @ Cardinals: 4-9 L, and vs Saints: 4-10 L

The Bears lost their head coach and a big defensive force and they will feel the the loss of these two roles this season, but sadly not in this game. Cutler will have one of his random big games throwing to Marshall for a big Bears win. The 49ers will get their turn to beat on the Rams with an explosive lead from the get go leading to a 49ers win. The Cardinals will be in their hot streak mode and they’ll be playing under control leading them to a win here as well. The drought continues with a loss to the energized Saints who feel cheated from last year. They’re high powered offense will be too much the newer players on the Rams defense.

vs Bucs: 5-10 W

This will probably my favorite game of the Rams season. These two teams are almost identical and this will be a really close and hard fought game. Though the slugish defense, even though it is aggresive, won’t be able to handle the Rams new agile offense. The Rams O-Line will need to be careful and fully prepared for anythng, just in case.

@ Seahawks: 5-11 L

The Seahawks picked up a lot of great players in the offseason, especially Percy Harvin. The Seahawks needed to make a lot of big moves if they wanted to compete with the 49ers. This team is designed just for them and if you compare the Rams to the 49ers it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out who’ll win this last game. The Seahawks.


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