Where Ryan Was Right and Where Ryan Was Wrong! First Week of June Edition


Where Ryan Was Wrong

Well I was not expecting the Pacers to be as good as they have been against the Heat. Perhaps I just got caught up with the heatwave and I failed to see the strong defensive skills of the big men the Pacers have. The match up was close but watching the Heat destroy the Bulls in the fashion they did I thought they could’ve easily done the same to the Pacers, but that simply didn’t happen. It’s going to take more than Lebron James to win the the Final game at home and sadly Wade’s injury is not helping the team much. In the end thought the Heat are keeping their hopes up and are ready for all out battle in Game 7.

An obviously displeased Lebron James said “We hate to be in this position, but it’s an opportunity and we look forward to it,’’ after the Heat didn’t wrap up the series Saturday at Indiana, losing 91-77 in Game 6.


Where Ryan Was Right

Their season didn’t go according to plan, a roster filled with injuries, an up and down season, and praised as the only team to defeat the Heat despite looking awful several times throughout the year. The Spurs swept two teams in the playoffs and the best part, I was right about both of them. The Spurs are a force to be reckoned with and they’ll probably beat the Heat in the finals, that’s right you heard me. The spurs are tall and loaded, something the Heat are not. Prediction? Spurs beat the Heat in five.


Where Ryan Was Wrong

Ok so I know this is a little early but I was expecting the Penguins to win game one and show off their brute force and show they mean business but that was not what I witnessed. I sat through bad passes, awful defense, and failing to prevent big plays. The Penguins looked like they didn’t belong on the ice. I knew this matchup was going to be good, the Bruins are not to be taken lightly. Espcially now that they’re on their hot streak. I still think the Penguins will pull of a late win though so we’ll wait and see if I’m wrong again.

Small Wrong and Rights

I didn’t make too many more predictions so here’s some ideas I had but just didn’t post.

Where Ryan Was Right

Camping is awful, I despise camping. Especially on Memorial weekend. I Went back to my great home state of Wisconsin for the weekend and it was cold and rainy which led to a boring vacation and we were stuck with nothing to really do. I’ll be attempting this camping stuff again Labor Day weekend, hopefully it’ll be better.

Where Ryan Was Wrong

I was wrong about the U.S. soccer team just looking pathetic against Germany. It was quite the opposite and turned out to be a great game. Go team USA!

Looking Back Where Ryan Was Way Wrong!

So early in the NBA Playoffs I made the comment about if anyone actually cared about the Pacers hawks game. It turns out that people do and that the Pacers do to. I don’t know about anyone else but I was not expecting the Pacers to make it this far. They’re better than I thought, and they’re putting on a good show. Congratulations Pacers.


2 thoughts on “Where Ryan Was Right and Where Ryan Was Wrong! First Week of June Edition

  1. I fully agree with you on camping man. I really don’t like anything about it and wow yeah it was freezing in this part of the country over that weekend!

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