Was the Harvin/Ponder Beef for real or just media driven?



(Matt: come now Harvin. tell us the truth. why did you leave us?  Harvin: You want the truth matt? do you really want the truth? You cant handle the truth!!!!) 

Now that the messy and rocky divorce between the Vikings and Harvin is over. What was the main reason for the split?  First when reports were coming out that Harvin was looking to make Calvin Johnson money and wouldn’t take anything less then that. People first thought that it was about the money, since the Vikings didn’t have the cap space to make such deal happen with Harvin, because of other big money tied up with the Likes of Jared Allen, Kevin WIlliams, Antoine Winfield (at the time when he was still apart of the team)  and Adrian Peterson. Now Later on after the eventual trade to Seattle. We find that the Money that Harvin said he would not take any less then a Calvin Johnson or a Larry Fitzgerald was nothing short of complete BS. Seeing that he took a 6 year 67 million dollar deal with only 14 million guaranteed. Now since 99% of things in the NFL usually are about the money, but in this case it wasn’t. What else could it have been? Could there have been problems between Ponder and Harvin? Well at first with the many, many reports coming out that Harvin had no faith in Ponder ever becoming a true franchise QB and that one interview, where he kinda hinted at his lack of faith in Ponder being a factor into his decision of wanting out of Minnesota. The question of Ponder being the franchise QB is a valid question to have, since many Viking fans have had that concern as well. Now just recently Harvin is now coming out saying that he had no beef with Ponder and that they both respected each other highly and he never said that Ponder was an inadequate QB. Now if we take Harvin at his word. Then why would you leave, when you were Ponders Number 1 target? Was there actual beef between Harvin and Ponder, or was it like Harvin said, media driven?  

I personally don’t think there was any kind of beef from a person to person perspective. I think that they had respect for one another off the field. On the field however, I could definitely see these two having a beef with one another, that got him traded to a team, with a much better QB, that far surpasses Ponder in just about every category. From talent, I don’t blame Harvin wanting out. I know I’d leave for a better QB, that is better equip to win a superbowl then Christian Ponder. I personally think Harvin is full of it and now trying to save face with the public. His shouting match in that game against the Seahawks. It was after that shouting match, that reports about his lack of faith in Ponder came out and led to harvin being placed on IR for a ankle injury that really didn’t seem as serious as the Vikings made it out to be. I doubt we will ever get the truth, but at this point it doesn’t matter. it’s time to move on and put this little story be put to rest. 


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