Another Heart Breaker In The Bronx


Both the first and this second game against the Yankees have been sad where in the first game the tribe was able to tie it up only to let it get away from them and now in this one where it looked like they may be able to get it only to fall yet again 4-3.  Starter Scott Kazmir went six innings striking out seven, walking two and allowing four runs on seven hits. Those four runs came in the 3rd with an RBI single by Suzuki and a three run bomb by Teixeira.

The tribe got into it scoring their three runs in the 7th off a three run bomb by Stubbs, unfortunately that’s all the tribe had. This is the 3rd straight lose for the tribe now and it brings them to 4-11 in their last 15 games. They now sit two games behind the 1st place Tigers at 30 28. The Indians definitely have an uphill battle to work with as of late with what I noticed with their batters that were hitting well all falling into slumps like Nick Swisher they said was 0 for his last 22 or 23 at bats then went 0 for 4 today with two strike outs. Doesn’t sound much like the tribe right now but that’s how it goes, they’ll all bounce back though and all be playing good ball again, it’s what they do!


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