Tribe Gets Swept By yankees


Today the tribe lost yet again and in the same fashion as the last two playing from behind and looking like there might be a chance then nope sorry. Today they went up against none other that ex Indian CC Sebathia who played through all nine, for his 6th win of the season, Allowing the tribes 4 runs on 7 hits, walking only one and striking out 9. Three of them came in the 3rd where he struck out the side in order.

For the tribe todays starter Corey Kluber is now 3-4 on the season, and rightfully so, giving another bad start he allowed all 6 of the Yankees runs on 7 hits with 2 homers, but on the good side which is always good to look at this from he only walked 1 and struck out 8!

Come on tribe what’s going on here? The BAs have dropped in the line up, the ERAs are rising for the pitchers, and for a team that was getting pretty good at the come back win that hasn’t been happening either as this last series has shown us. You could tell they were trying to put it together at the beginning of the season then they got it playing the way a team with this group of guys should be playing and went on a great run then BOOM nothing! I’m not sure what it is as a whole that fell apart for them but something definitely changed. With that 500 mark inching it’s dirty little way back closer and closer as a fan it is getting pretty hard to watch this happening the way it’s been for them, but also as a fan I have a lot of faith in this team and can see them turning it back around, they just have to find whatever it was they found to begin with and get rolling again! Goooooo Tribe!!!


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