WWE: Stars Who Should’ve Won The WWE Championship


The WWE has a lot of multi time champions. Congrats Cena, Orton, Rock, Austin, etc. These men represent two eras WWE, between the four of them about 40 championships are shared.  As of now everyone knows that the WWE have predetermined outcomes, but I feel like there have been a few times that putting the strap on these men was to safe of a choice. Here’s five men that should have enjoyed championship success, maybe even multiple title reigns.
Shelton Benjamin 
Before Kofi Kingston, Shelton was by far the most awe inspiring athlete the WWE had seen in years.  When he jumped ship to Raw he managed victories over Triple H on several occasions.  When he was sent packing to ECW Shelton clearly should have won the ECW championship.  The WWE was ok with putting the title on a lackluster star like Chavo, and giving a drug addict like Matt Hardy and RVD a chance to hold the title. Shelton then moved to Smackdown and was barely used. The WWE used Shelton as a novelty act for money in the bank…what a waste
If the Great Khali could be a former world champion why not Umaga?  Umaga was more intimidating, believable, and more skilled of a wrestler. Umaga held the Intercontinental championship, feuded with Bobby Lashley, John Cena, and Triple H. He should have been relegated to Smackdown and dominated. Unfortunately his career ended due to his untimely passing. Maybe if he didn’t die so soon he could have been champion at least once.
Scott Hall
As Razor Ramon Scott Hall was a major player for the WWE in the early 90’s.  not only did he participate in the first ever ladder match, but his feud with Shawn Michaels was a huge spectacle. He also was a major draw in WCW. If Nash and Hogan could have multiple reigns why couldn’t he?
I wanted to save this for last, but I can’t wait any longer.  Mr. Perfect. Need I say more? Nope, I didn’t think so.
The final man who I feel should have at least been a one time WWE champion is a little peculiar, but Shane McMahon. Vince held the title I believe on 3 occasions. Shane was a gifted wrestler. Even if it were just for a night or even for a moment he should have been champion. Imagine the feuds he could have been apart of as champion. He could have been the ultimate spineless weasel of a chorion. He would have drawn major heat, but he would have backed it up to an extent. Look at his street fight against Kurt Angle at King of the Ring, his battles with Kane, or even Bigshow.



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