It’s About Time!

untitledThe tribe finally got a win tonight! You may be asking yourself, you mean the tribe as in the Cleveland Indians? Yep you read that right after eight straight loses the tribe came out ahead over the Rangers with a 5 to 2 win. I’ve wanted to right about the tribe even while they were losing  but if I had I would’ve been plagiarizing myself. The eight game streak saw them get swept in two straight series, drop 3 under 500, and the really sad part is in almost all the games lost there seemed to be a point in each that you thought hey they might just get back into this or they may just hold this lead but both those thoughts would fly out the window as the team would fall apart before your eyes. It was like watching the same bad game over and over again.

But tonight the tides turned in favor of our tribe down in Texas with Corey Kluber out on the mound getting done what starters in the past week have wanted to, and that was getting a win. Kluber went eight innings, he walked three and only struck out three but was able to keep them to only one run one their six hits. That one run didn’t even come until the 8th. Their second run was off an A.J. Pierzynski solo shot in the 9th with Joe smith pitching.

As for the tribe bats that were looking a little better tonight getting things started with a Mark Reynolds RBI single in the 4th followed by two more RBI singles in the 5th by Drew Stubbs and Nick Swisher! They got their last run in the 7th off a way out there wild pitch that allowed Jason Kipnis to crawl in if he had wanted to. No long balls for the tribe tonight just good old fashion bring the guys in that are on baseball.

So could this win be the beginning of a streak in the better direction? I hope so but I’m not holding my breath! I love the team and I really do wish it would be but for now lets just hope they take it in baby steps like maybe not win them all but lets not drop eight in a row again!


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