Ryback Should Chase World Heavyweight Championship

Ryback has chased after the WWE championship for the better part of a year now.  He’s lost due to controversy on several of those occasions. Why might you ask? It’s simple, creative isn’t sure how he’ll hold up as a champion.  
The World Heavyweight championship is a primary secondary title. John Cena has held it twice, Randy Orton has held it three times, Triple H has held it six times, and Edge has held it seven times. Basically some of the all time greats have held it on their way to the WWE championship. Ryback can feud with some of the best upper midcard guys like Alberto Del Rio or Sheamus. 
In fact, but things are on the horizon for Daniel Bryan this summer. I doubt  he’ll win the WWE championship, but maybe a second reign with the World title is in store for him.  Last month Bryan and Ryback had a phenomenal match on Smackdown.  The clash in styles made the match even better. A feud for the title between the two of them can perhaps make Ryback a better candidate for the WWE championship in the future. This could also help with his ring work.



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