Poor Cubs


With a 3-0 lead going into the bottom of the 9th the Cubs looked in line to sweep the Mets and win their 4th straight. Then came the bottom of the 9th. Carlos Marmol came in to pitch for the cubs and on a 1-1 count gave up a homer to Marlon Byrd. 3-1 still looking good for the Cubs but a walk, a single, and a sac bunt to up the runners gave the Cubs some reasons to worry. The next batter Kirk Nieuwenhuis gave the Cubs that reason. On a 1-0 count he nailed a homer to right for his first on the season and the three runs they needed for the 4-3 win.

Yeah the sweep would’ve been against the Mets but that really doesn’t matter much, look at the Marlins and Cardinals series that just happened, and sure their 28-39 and 15 out of first but it would’ve been nice to see them get a good streak going. They seem to get one small win streak a month. In April they had a three game and they closed out May with a five game win streak right after they had lost six straight. Now going into a series against the Cardinals we’ll have to see if they get some of the luck the Marlins just had and get some more wins going. So far their highest is a six game loss and a five game win streak and I’d love to see them break the five streak and if they can do that at least it would tie them both up then they’d just have to win one more so they get a better win streak than loss!


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