Poor Matt Striker

Earlier this week the WWE released Matt Striker.  Out of all of the commentators the WWE could release they released him? Really? Not the third wheel on Smackdown? 
Matt Striker has an extensive knowledge of wrestling much like JBL. Some of his references might go over some fans heads, but what he does reminds me of this quote a rapper said,’You can’t respect the new school if you played hookie.’ Mist wrestling fans now are children who know absolutely nothing about wrestling. Matt Striker when given a chance mentioned wrestlers from all over the world, he gave insight into a match much like William Regal does when commentating. 
Maybe this is a swerve. It was rumblings earlier this year that Striker was supposed to manage someone. Maybe he returns in some new capacity. As of now however, the WWE has lost a phenomenal talent. Impact Wrestling is looking for a color commentator…

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