Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett is a gifted brawler.  He’s young, a great talker, and hopefully a future champion.  The question is, what will it take for him to be a breakout star finally?  I’ve pondered and pondered then it finally hit me.  Wade needs Paige the anti diva.  He needs her as a manager or an on screen girlfriend, whichever one works in all honesty.  

Paige is just as ruthless as he is, and she adds depth to the floundering women’s division.  If they build the duo up properly, perhaps even give Barrett a run with the US title to build his credibility he’d be next in line for a MITB. 

Just something to ponder…..

Also if you want to hear my oppinion on all things WWE or wrestling in general tweet me @darrylhatcher (jesus shuttlesworth)


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