How Does This Happen?


Have you ever gone to a ballgame and sat in foul territory and hoped one would come your way only to have them just go past you? Well that’s not what happened to Greg Van Niel during Sundays tribe game. He ended up getting four, that’s right four, foul balls! ” Three of them were catches and one was a ball I picked up off the ground.” He said after the game. One of the catches he was sprawled out across three rows to grab it. He kept three of the foul balls while the fourth he threw over to other fans. Talk about luck!

I have to say I’m sorry to all for not being able to keep up this last month. We’re in our summer slam at work so I’ve been working about a million hours a week and it seems if I’m not at work there’s something around the house that needs done so usually by the time the game is over, if I even make it to the end, I can’t even keep my eyes open to type. But I haven’t forgot about you guys I try to read any new posts and the slam seems to be winding down a bit so hopefully I’ll be able to balance everything out again and get back to writing. I enjoy writing about the tribe for this site and do miss doing it, you have no idea how happy I am just writing this, and I think after the all star break the tribes going to continue their up and up their on so I’ll have a lot of good thing to write about!


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