Oh that’s right A Rod. And he’s in the news again. These days A Rod seems more to me a definition than a nickname for the man child formally know as the baseball player Alex Rodriguez. I’ll just put it out there that i really don’t like the guy. I take him as the type that would get pushed down during recess and run and tell the monitor, or if other kids would’nt do something his way he’d be like I don’t want to play anymore, I’m going home.

   I just don’t understand. I mean here’s a guy that’s probably been juicing and dosing since little legue, has people saying they’ve seen him and helped him inject these drugs, should be banned with all numbers erased,  may as well have guilty tattood across his gigantic forehead and what happens? He gets his suspention reduced. Of course. With a little help from his legal team that happens to be bigger than his baseball team. But what does he do after this is announced? He’s cries some more.

   Really A Rod when is this circus you’re headlining going to end? When they find you totally innocent and all this just magically goes away. I really don’t see that happening and remember man they found the 8 black sox innocent and look where it got them.

   Another thing that gets me through his tears is his ” Their singling me out”. Come on man, we’re not stupied. I think a basic math class factoring in the other guys that were suspended could tell you that’s just not the case. On top of that misguided thought, if someone were to put all this together just to get you who and why would they? Could it be the Yankees orginization? The only reason they might want to single you out would be to get out from under that huge way to under deserved contract they signed you to. Really though with all my dislike I have for the yankees I still think that a club with all that money could find a way to get rid of you if they wanted without the help of a scandal or conspiracy. So could it be the M.L.B. itself? Why would they bother, that’s only you thinking you’re bigger and better than you really are and that every one has it out for you. I got news for you buddy you’re not that good and seriously man the only one bringing you down is you.

   All you have to do is man up like the other guys did and get up there tell everyone you messed up apologize take your punishment and move on. If you’re not going to do that though here’s a better idea… Just GO AWAY!