Oh that’s right A Rod. And he’s in the news again. These days A Rod seems more to me a definition than a nickname for the man child formally know as the baseball player Alex Rodriguez. I’ll just put it out there that i really don’t like the guy. I take him as the type that would get pushed down during recess and run and tell the monitor, or if other kids would’nt do something his way he’d be like I don’t want to play anymore, I’m going home.

   I just don’t understand. I mean here’s a guy that’s probably been juicing and dosing since little legue, has people saying they’ve seen him and helped him inject these drugs, should be banned with all numbers erased,  may as well have guilty tattood across his gigantic forehead and what happens? He gets his suspention reduced. Of course. With a little help from his legal team that happens to be bigger than his baseball team. But what does he do after this is announced? He’s cries some more.

   Really A Rod when is this circus you’re headlining going to end? When they find you totally innocent and all this just magically goes away. I really don’t see that happening and remember man they found the 8 black sox innocent and look where it got them.

   Another thing that gets me through his tears is his ” Their singling me out”. Come on man, we’re not stupied. I think a basic math class factoring in the other guys that were suspended could tell you that’s just not the case. On top of that misguided thought, if someone were to put all this together just to get you who and why would they? Could it be the Yankees orginization? The only reason they might want to single you out would be to get out from under that huge way to under deserved contract they signed you to. Really though with all my dislike I have for the yankees I still think that a club with all that money could find a way to get rid of you if they wanted without the help of a scandal or conspiracy. So could it be the M.L.B. itself? Why would they bother, that’s only you thinking you’re bigger and better than you really are and that every one has it out for you. I got news for you buddy you’re not that good and seriously man the only one bringing you down is you.

   All you have to do is man up like the other guys did and get up there tell everyone you messed up apologize take your punishment and move on. If you’re not going to do that though here’s a better idea… Just GO AWAY! 



How Does This Happen?


Have you ever gone to a ballgame and sat in foul territory and hoped one would come your way only to have them just go past you? Well that’s not what happened to Greg Van Niel during Sundays tribe game. He ended up getting four, that’s right four, foul balls! ” Three of them were catches and one was a ball I picked up off the ground.” He said after the game. One of the catches he was sprawled out across three rows to grab it. He kept three of the foul balls while the fourth he threw over to other fans. Talk about luck!

I have to say I’m sorry to all for not being able to keep up this last month. We’re in our summer slam at work so I’ve been working about a million hours a week and it seems if I’m not at work there’s something around the house that needs done so usually by the time the game is over, if I even make it to the end, I can’t even keep my eyes open to type. But I haven’t forgot about you guys I try to read any new posts and the slam seems to be winding down a bit so hopefully I’ll be able to balance everything out again and get back to writing. I enjoy writing about the tribe for this site and do miss doing it, you have no idea how happy I am just writing this, and I think after the all star break the tribes going to continue their up and up their on so I’ll have a lot of good thing to write about!

Poor Cubs


With a 3-0 lead going into the bottom of the 9th the Cubs looked in line to sweep the Mets and win their 4th straight. Then came the bottom of the 9th. Carlos Marmol came in to pitch for the cubs and on a 1-1 count gave up a homer to Marlon Byrd. 3-1 still looking good for the Cubs but a walk, a single, and a sac bunt to up the runners gave the Cubs some reasons to worry. The next batter Kirk Nieuwenhuis gave the Cubs that reason. On a 1-0 count he nailed a homer to right for his first on the season and the three runs they needed for the 4-3 win.

Yeah the sweep would’ve been against the Mets but that really doesn’t matter much, look at the Marlins and Cardinals series that just happened, and sure their 28-39 and 15 out of first but it would’ve been nice to see them get a good streak going. They seem to get one small win streak a month. In April they had a three game and they closed out May with a five game win streak right after they had lost six straight. Now going into a series against the Cardinals we’ll have to see if they get some of the luck the Marlins just had and get some more wins going. So far their highest is a six game loss and a five game win streak and I’d love to see them break the five streak and if they can do that at least it would tie them both up then they’d just have to win one more so they get a better win streak than loss!

Kluber Shuts Down The Nationals


With a 2-0 win over the Nationals today the tribe are now 4-1 since the tearful eight game losing streak came to an end. The credit can’t be pointed in one direction though with the whole team in all areas from the batters to starting pitching on to the bullpen playing better and getting back into a solid rhythm.

Today couldn’t have been better for starter Corey Kluber, going 8 shut out innings on 8 strike outs and 7 hits. Those 7 hits as you could imagine did get him into some trouble a couple of times. One of those came in the 4th with no outs and runners on 1st and 3rd, working with that he struck out the next three to work out of it. The next was in the 7th where there were again no outs and this time bases loaded, he was able to get the next batter to hit into a double play and the next to hit into a ground out. That says a lot for him as a starter when even in those kinds of jams he can find a way to keep runners from scoring and work out of them and not get shaken up. Granted if he had let a run or two score it may have been a different story but he didn’t so… Klubers shut out gives the Indians a league leading 9 shut outs now on the season. Pestano closed out the gave for his first save.

Santana got an RBI single in the 4th bringing in Kipnis and in the 8th it was Kipnis out on a sac fly to bring in Bourn for the Indians two runs.

The one loss they’ve had came in yesterdays heart breaker where in the 3rd they were down 5-0 and by the end of the 5th were up 6-5 only to lose it 7-6 by giving up a run in each the 8th and 9th. It happens what can you do?!

Monday starts a series with the Royals who are only a half game behind the tribe for the second spot in the AL Central! GO TRIBE!

It’s About Time!

untitledThe tribe finally got a win tonight! You may be asking yourself, you mean the tribe as in the Cleveland Indians? Yep you read that right after eight straight loses the tribe came out ahead over the Rangers with a 5 to 2 win. I’ve wanted to right about the tribe even while they were losing  but if I had I would’ve been plagiarizing myself. The eight game streak saw them get swept in two straight series, drop 3 under 500, and the really sad part is in almost all the games lost there seemed to be a point in each that you thought hey they might just get back into this or they may just hold this lead but both those thoughts would fly out the window as the team would fall apart before your eyes. It was like watching the same bad game over and over again.

But tonight the tides turned in favor of our tribe down in Texas with Corey Kluber out on the mound getting done what starters in the past week have wanted to, and that was getting a win. Kluber went eight innings, he walked three and only struck out three but was able to keep them to only one run one their six hits. That one run didn’t even come until the 8th. Their second run was off an A.J. Pierzynski solo shot in the 9th with Joe smith pitching.

As for the tribe bats that were looking a little better tonight getting things started with a Mark Reynolds RBI single in the 4th followed by two more RBI singles in the 5th by Drew Stubbs and Nick Swisher! They got their last run in the 7th off a way out there wild pitch that allowed Jason Kipnis to crawl in if he had wanted to. No long balls for the tribe tonight just good old fashion bring the guys in that are on baseball.

So could this win be the beginning of a streak in the better direction? I hope so but I’m not holding my breath! I love the team and I really do wish it would be but for now lets just hope they take it in baby steps like maybe not win them all but lets not drop eight in a row again!

Tribe Gets Swept By yankees


Today the tribe lost yet again and in the same fashion as the last two playing from behind and looking like there might be a chance then nope sorry. Today they went up against none other that ex Indian CC Sebathia who played through all nine, for his 6th win of the season, Allowing the tribes 4 runs on 7 hits, walking only one and striking out 9. Three of them came in the 3rd where he struck out the side in order.

For the tribe todays starter Corey Kluber is now 3-4 on the season, and rightfully so, giving another bad start he allowed all 6 of the Yankees runs on 7 hits with 2 homers, but on the good side which is always good to look at this from he only walked 1 and struck out 8!

Come on tribe what’s going on here? The BAs have dropped in the line up, the ERAs are rising for the pitchers, and for a team that was getting pretty good at the come back win that hasn’t been happening either as this last series has shown us. You could tell they were trying to put it together at the beginning of the season then they got it playing the way a team with this group of guys should be playing and went on a great run then BOOM nothing! I’m not sure what it is as a whole that fell apart for them but something definitely changed. With that 500 mark inching it’s dirty little way back closer and closer as a fan it is getting pretty hard to watch this happening the way it’s been for them, but also as a fan I have a lot of faith in this team and can see them turning it back around, they just have to find whatever it was they found to begin with and get rolling again! Goooooo Tribe!!!

Red Sox Big Win


Now I am by no means at all a Red sox fan but last nights 17 to 5 beating they gave to the Rangers was impressive. Starting off the series with style they racked up their 17 runs on 19 hits scoring in every inning but the 8th. Those 19 hits played in with four homers for 17 RBIs, 6 strike outs and they were walked four times. All but three in the line up got hits. Lead off hitter Nava in his 4 at bats got 4 runs, 3 hits, 1 RBI, walked once and was not struck out and that’s just one in a line up where every ones stats looked about like that. It’s not like they were playing the Astros either, the Rangers are a great and winning team but last night you never would’ve guessed it. The Sox put the Rangers through six pitchers and gave Grimm a terrible start where he was only out for 1 2/3 innings giving up 8 runs, all earned, on 7 hits, he walked 3 and only struck out 1. All the Rangers runs came off homers with 2 two runs and a solo shot.

Perez Under Narcotics Investigation


This really has not been the best past two weeks for my tribe I tell you. They haven’t been playing as well, they lost a couple of guys to the DL. Then today sitting on my lunch break listening to the news on the radio the last thing I thought and wanted to hear was more bad news for the Indians. But as the Stones say “you can’t always get what you want.” Indians closer Chris Perez is now being questioned and investigated after something happened involving him yesterday in Rocky River. Then there’s questions about a package containing narcotics being delivered to his home this morning. Now when I first heard this they said on the radio that he was caught with possession of narcotics but as of now he has not been arrested and the investigation is still on going. Manager Francona said that he had talked to Perez but he can’t talk about whats going on. So far there’s been nothing said about what drugs he supposedly had on him or what happened yesterday involving him.

Another Heart Breaker In The Bronx


Both the first and this second game against the Yankees have been sad where in the first game the tribe was able to tie it up only to let it get away from them and now in this one where it looked like they may be able to get it only to fall yet again 4-3.  Starter Scott Kazmir went six innings striking out seven, walking two and allowing four runs on seven hits. Those four runs came in the 3rd with an RBI single by Suzuki and a three run bomb by Teixeira.

The tribe got into it scoring their three runs in the 7th off a three run bomb by Stubbs, unfortunately that’s all the tribe had. This is the 3rd straight lose for the tribe now and it brings them to 4-11 in their last 15 games. They now sit two games behind the 1st place Tigers at 30 28. The Indians definitely have an uphill battle to work with as of late with what I noticed with their batters that were hitting well all falling into slumps like Nick Swisher they said was 0 for his last 22 or 23 at bats then went 0 for 4 today with two strike outs. Doesn’t sound much like the tribe right now but that’s how it goes, they’ll all bounce back though and all be playing good ball again, it’s what they do!

A PED Scandal In The MLB? Noooooo!

images    So far this story goes somewhat like this from what I’ve heard. Tony Bosch the founder of the biogenesis clinic in Miami agreed to cooperate in an investigation into his clinic and apparent MLB players connected to it with the use of performance enhancing drugs. 20 or so players have already been connected to this but only a small number of them have been named so far. Among them are Yankees 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez, Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun, and also being looked at is the Tigers shortstop Jhonny Peralta. I also read Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, and Nelson Cruz may also have a connection. So what could this mean for these guys? So far their saying they could be looking at a 100 game suspension. For now I guess we can all sit back and see how this plays out, they say it could be within the next few weeks when they’ll make the announcement.