Heat Turn Up The Defense To Punch Their Ticket Back To The Finals

Miami won last night and there was no question about it, but if they don’t pick up there game they may not see a Game 7 against the Spurs. Great post to read and learn more from. Orginally posted by the Hang Time Blog on NBA.com

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MIAMI — The Miami Heat didn’t let Game 7 come down to shot-making. That’s a good thing, because they shot 39 percent.

The No. 1 defensive team in the league was the No. 2 defensive team on the floor on Monday, because the Heat found another level. And with a 99-76 victory over the Indiana Pacers, they’re moving on to The Finals for the third straight year. This game was about energy, on defense and on the glass. The Heat brought it from the start, reminding us how disruptive they can be when they enhance their speed and athleticism with relentless effort.

The Heat just haven’t been the defensive force that they were last season. Maybe it was a championship hangover or maybe their improved and top-ranked offense just didn’t need as much help to win games. They’ve been able to turn…

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The Best Game 7s In Conference Finals History

Ever wonder or want to remember the best Game 7’s in the Conference Finals ever? Veiw the post from the Hang Time Blog on NBA.com to find out more.

NBA.com | Hang Time Blog

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MIAMI — Game 7. It’s 48 minutes for everything.

This isn’t The Finals, but it’s the next best thing. The winner gets the opportunity to play for a championship against the San Antonio Spurs. And with how evenly played the Eastern Conference finals have been, it’s only appropriate that the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers play one game to decide who gets that opportunity.

This will be the 113th Game 7 in NBA history and the 33rd Game 7 in the conference finals (or division finals, as they were called before 1971). Of the 33, it’s the third straight that will be played on the shores of Biscayne Bay.

A year ago, the Heat beat the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals. In 2005, the Detroit Pistons came to Miami and knocked off the Shaq-and-Wade duo in their first year together. That was…

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Where Ryan Was Right and Where Ryan Was Wrong! First Week of June Edition


Where Ryan Was Wrong

Well I was not expecting the Pacers to be as good as they have been against the Heat. Perhaps I just got caught up with the heatwave and I failed to see the strong defensive skills of the big men the Pacers have. The match up was close but watching the Heat destroy the Bulls in the fashion they did I thought they could’ve easily done the same to the Pacers, but that simply didn’t happen. It’s going to take more than Lebron James to win the the Final game at home and sadly Wade’s injury is not helping the team much. In the end thought the Heat are keeping their hopes up and are ready for all out battle in Game 7.

An obviously displeased Lebron James said “We hate to be in this position, but it’s an opportunity and we look forward to it,’’ after the Heat didn’t wrap up the series Saturday at Indiana, losing 91-77 in Game 6.


Where Ryan Was Right

Their season didn’t go according to plan, a roster filled with injuries, an up and down season, and praised as the only team to defeat the Heat despite looking awful several times throughout the year. The Spurs swept two teams in the playoffs and the best part, I was right about both of them. The Spurs are a force to be reckoned with and they’ll probably beat the Heat in the finals, that’s right you heard me. The spurs are tall and loaded, something the Heat are not. Prediction? Spurs beat the Heat in five.


Where Ryan Was Wrong

Ok so I know this is a little early but I was expecting the Penguins to win game one and show off their brute force and show they mean business but that was not what I witnessed. I sat through bad passes, awful defense, and failing to prevent big plays. The Penguins looked like they didn’t belong on the ice. I knew this matchup was going to be good, the Bruins are not to be taken lightly. Espcially now that they’re on their hot streak. I still think the Penguins will pull of a late win though so we’ll wait and see if I’m wrong again.

Small Wrong and Rights

I didn’t make too many more predictions so here’s some ideas I had but just didn’t post.

Where Ryan Was Right

Camping is awful, I despise camping. Especially on Memorial weekend. I Went back to my great home state of Wisconsin for the weekend and it was cold and rainy which led to a boring vacation and we were stuck with nothing to really do. I’ll be attempting this camping stuff again Labor Day weekend, hopefully it’ll be better.

Where Ryan Was Wrong

I was wrong about the U.S. soccer team just looking pathetic against Germany. It was quite the opposite and turned out to be a great game. Go team USA!

Looking Back Where Ryan Was Way Wrong!

So early in the NBA Playoffs I made the comment about if anyone actually cared about the Pacers hawks game. It turns out that people do and that the Pacers do to. I don’t know about anyone else but I was not expecting the Pacers to make it this far. They’re better than I thought, and they’re putting on a good show. Congratulations Pacers.

LeBron James and the Road to Victory

LeBron James is not Michael Jordan. LeBron James is not Kobe Bryant. LeBron James is not Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Shaq, or anyone else for that matter. LeBron James is well…LeBron James. LeBron isn’t someone who should be compared to players of old anymore he’s the star of this current generation in the NBA. Instead LeBron should be compared to upcoming stars in the league and they should go through the same criticisms, trials and errors, and both mental and physical training that LeBron pushed himself through.

The entire season LeBron pushed aside and through all the past criticisms he had to endure and placed on his back. He did it again last night by proving he’s a closer. Remember all the criticism the Miami Heat forward used to receive for not wanting to take a big shot? Remember when he got ripped for passing off late in games? Well I didn’t see that last night, instead James gripped the ball tight in his hands and focused on the basket. In an almost surreal fluid motion LeBron made the big play to win game one against the Pacers.

It was always silly,’’ Heat forward Shane Battier said of that criticism. “At least in my mind it was.’’

“Once I got the ball, I was the only option,’’ James said. “I was the only option at that point. Especially with only being two-plus seconds. As unselfish as a player I am, I cannot, no way, try to make a pass at that point.’’

Wednesday offered an impressive duel between James and up-and-coming Pacers forward Paul George. James had a triple-double of 30 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists while George had 27 points and pair of plays that nearly doomed the Heat.

LeBron fully deserved his MVP award this year as he rose up from the ashes he left behind last year. This year’s LeBron is a new Lebron. If LeBron and the Heat continue to play like this no one will be able to stop them to the finish. There’s only one game down and 3 to go if I’m going to get my prediction right with the Heatwave sweeping the Pacers. Sorry Heat Haters and James Haters it’s time to get over the wall of iggnorance you built and acknowldge the fact the LeBron plays beautiful basketball and that you really would like to have him on your team.

All Hail King James.

From David Bowie to Nerlens Noel?


Cleveland… first US city to bring David Bowie over from England, now they appear to be ready to bring the flat top.  Straight from several horses’ mouths: Coach Cal told the local Cleveland newspaper that the Cavs GM has scouted Nerlens Noel more than any other NBA GM. This all occurred while Nerlens was healthy last winter, when NBA folks were packing Rupp Arena to see the flat top in action.

Here’s to hoping the streak of No. 1 overall picks continues. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Or so I heard.

Guess What!? Kobe’s Not Retirng


The social media world can calm down with all the rumors of Kobe’s “announcement” of retiring because according to this tweet it’s the last thing on his mind. Thoguh what exactly is on Bryant’s mind? I’m hoping it’s what to do about Howard and D’Antoni. Anyway rejoice Laker nation and Kobe fans alike, he’s not done yet.

The Dwightmare Continues


Being a Dwight Howard fan is like being a Jets fan, I should know because I’m both. Just like the Jets you Like Dwight and you can see his potential but then he makes stupid moves, opens his mouth, or just doesn’t show up when he should. Well Dwight’s done it again; apparently someone at CBS has found out that Dwight is interested in the Rockets. This is such a pain because I think Dwight could be great in L.A. and I think he should stay. He could be amazing for the Rockets and since I’m a slight Rockets fan I think he should go, but what would be best for Dwight? Personally I’d say Dwight would be better off in L.A. but there would need to be a lot of work done, such as a coaching change and figuring out how to get all these star players playing together. Though I think a short run to success would be much easier to achieve if Dwight went to the Rockets, who wouldn’t have to change much if they brought Dwight in. I can’t remember who said it but I remember someone saying that the Rockets are what the Thunder were three years ago, add Dwight and may just skip those three years.

“With six weeks to go before Howard becomes an unrestricted free agent, the team that is said to intrigue him the most is the Houston Rockets, according to multiple people briefed on internal conversations surrounding Howard’s free-agent decision,” CBS reported. “The Rockets have a young star, James Harden, who has proved himself worthy of playing the leading role for the franchise; a budding 3-point shooting threat in Chandler Parsons; a defensive-minded coach in Kevin McHale; and Omer Asik, the kind of 7-footer Howard is believed to want next to him in the frontcourt.”

With Lin, Harden and professional pest Patrick Beverly, Houston is strong in the backcourt. With Asik, it has one of the league’s best interior defenders and in Chandler Parsons it has a versatile small forward who is grossly underpaid. The problem last year was that the Rockets lacked scoring on the block, and the “best” big man in the league could just change that.

This looks to be an exciting off season in the NBA, and Dwight might just be the focus of it he decides not to re-sign with the Lakers.

OKC and Chicago Head Home: It Was Inevitable

Great post by SportsNonsense, it was upsetting to see my Bulls, Nuggets, and Rockets head home. The Knicks risk being knocked out tonight. The only reason I’ll keep watching is to see if my prediction of the Spurs vs Heat will happen or not.


It ended how we all expected. True, there was some drama in both the Thunder and Chicago series, but both ended in five games with the fifth games not being all that close. Credit to Chicago for fighting hard even with all their injuries, and credit to Kevin Durant and the Thunder for battling without their second superstar. Really though, neither team stood much of a chance in their series.Image

            The Thunder probably had the best chance of sending their series to six games. They had the best player in the series, which usually counts for something, but as covered earlier this week on the blog, Kevin Durant just had too little help without Westbrook. Along with that, it didn’t help that Memphis was a team built to beat the Thunder. Memphis was able to play their style all series, slowing down the game and keeping the Thunder out…

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