Packers player to be profiled on Top 100 segment Thursday

Congratulations to whichever Packer player is placed in the 40-31 segment! Originally posted on the Green Bay Packers Official Blog.

Green Bay Packers - Official Blog

The NFL Network’s “Top 100 Players of 2013” is down to the top 40, and a Packers player will be profiled in the Nos. 40-31 segment scheduled to air at 7 p.m. CT on Thursday.

That player’s name and his ranking will be revealed during the show. Through the first 60 players, so far only one player who played for the Packers last season has been profiled. DB Charles Woodson, who played for Green Bay from 2006-12 and recently signed as a free agent with Oakland, was ranked No. 85.

The weekly series will continue each Thursday until only the top 10 remain. Back-to-back episodes at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. CT on June 27 will profile the top 10 players.

Update: The Packers player profiled on Thursday was LB Clay Matthews, who was ranked No. 31. To see the video of his profile, click here.

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Was the Harvin/Ponder Beef for real or just media driven?



(Matt: come now Harvin. tell us the truth. why did you leave us?  Harvin: You want the truth matt? do you really want the truth? You cant handle the truth!!!!) 

Now that the messy and rocky divorce between the Vikings and Harvin is over. What was the main reason for the split?  First when reports were coming out that Harvin was looking to make Calvin Johnson money and wouldn’t take anything less then that. People first thought that it was about the money, since the Vikings didn’t have the cap space to make such deal happen with Harvin, because of other big money tied up with the Likes of Jared Allen, Kevin WIlliams, Antoine Winfield (at the time when he was still apart of the team)  and Adrian Peterson. Now Later on after the eventual trade to Seattle. We find that the Money that Harvin said he would not take any less then a Calvin Johnson or a Larry Fitzgerald was nothing short of complete BS. Seeing that he took a 6 year 67 million dollar deal with only 14 million guaranteed. Now since 99% of things in the NFL usually are about the money, but in this case it wasn’t. What else could it have been? Could there have been problems between Ponder and Harvin? Well at first with the many, many reports coming out that Harvin had no faith in Ponder ever becoming a true franchise QB and that one interview, where he kinda hinted at his lack of faith in Ponder being a factor into his decision of wanting out of Minnesota. The question of Ponder being the franchise QB is a valid question to have, since many Viking fans have had that concern as well. Now just recently Harvin is now coming out saying that he had no beef with Ponder and that they both respected each other highly and he never said that Ponder was an inadequate QB. Now if we take Harvin at his word. Then why would you leave, when you were Ponders Number 1 target? Was there actual beef between Harvin and Ponder, or was it like Harvin said, media driven?  

I personally don’t think there was any kind of beef from a person to person perspective. I think that they had respect for one another off the field. On the field however, I could definitely see these two having a beef with one another, that got him traded to a team, with a much better QB, that far surpasses Ponder in just about every category. From talent, I don’t blame Harvin wanting out. I know I’d leave for a better QB, that is better equip to win a superbowl then Christian Ponder. I personally think Harvin is full of it and now trying to save face with the public. His shouting match in that game against the Seahawks. It was after that shouting match, that reports about his lack of faith in Ponder came out and led to harvin being placed on IR for a ankle injury that really didn’t seem as serious as the Vikings made it out to be. I doubt we will ever get the truth, but at this point it doesn’t matter. it’s time to move on and put this little story be put to rest. 

Saint Louis Rams: Ryan’s 2013 Season Predictions


The Rams are currently stuck as that better than average team that for some reason plays less than average football. The Rams are loaded with great potential players like Sam Bradford and their new amazing wide receiver Chris Givens. Sam Bradford hasn’t seemed to grow much in his position which is a little depressing due to the amount of hype he received out of college. Chris Givens on the other hand proved that he’s going to be a star in the league last year. I’d recommend putting him on your fantasy team.

The defensive side on the ball was the first to see changes for the Rams. Both defensive tackles Kendall Langford, from free agency, and Michael Brockers, drafted in the first round, were commissioned to do work on the D-line. Twin pass-rushers Chris Long and Robert Quinn were already there. Langford was brought on just days after the Rams signed cornerback Cortland Finnegan, who would then be paired with another rookie, 2012 defensive touchdowns leader Janoris Jenkins, in the starting lineup.

The Rams appear to be extremely focused on speed this season. They went on to sign Miami’s Ray Ray Armstrong after drafting fellow defensive back Brandon McGee from the same school. Armstrong ran a 4.69 40-yard dash, and at 6’3” 216 pounds.


The offense was next to see the changes, but the line needed help and once again the Rams seemed to focus on speedy players. Scott Wells was picked up last offseason, Jake Long was signed during this one and, regardless of whoever secures the remaining guard spot up front, St. Louis’ starting left guard will have had very limited NFL experience, as in fewer than two games played.

The Rams were able to get free-agent tight end Jared Cook. He’s as big a blur down the middle of the football field as a 6’5”, 250-pound man can be. Sadly he wasn’t the greatest last year with the Titans but I’m hoping he can pull it off big this year with the Rams.

In an attempt to get even more speed the Ram drafted Austin, who had a 4.34 40-yard dash at the 2013 NFL Combine and Stedman Bailey, a 4.52, and they were the twin missiles that combined for 37 touchdowns at West Virginia in 2012. Running back Zac Stacy, had a 4.55 at 5’8”, 216 pounds, has similar legs as Bailey but he’s just slightly more compact.

Schedule Review: 5-11

vs Cardinals: 1-0 W

As I stated in my Cardinals post Palmer will be trying to stretch the ball out giving up too many easy picks for this new fast and agile Rams team. Palmer will be made a fool of with the Rams pulling off an early big win.

@ Falcons: 1-1 L and @ Cowboys: 1-2 L

The Rams have grabbed up some great players but many of them are young and inexperienced. It doesn’t help my predictions much that I can’t see Sam Bradford doing much better than his usual self this season. The Falcons are going to the playoffs this year no doubt and they’ll tear the Rams apart offensively. The Cowboys are as average as the Rams are but because they’re at home they’ll be pulling off the win.

vs 49ers: 2-2 W

The Rams seemed to be the only team that knew the 49ers weakness last year. This team of high powered rookies will battle to the end with an OT win at home against the 49ers.

vs Jags: 3-2 W

The Jags have a lot of work to do, I don’t want to sound rude or bias here but this team is just awful. No reason anyone should lose to this team. Rams get a big win here.

@ Texans: 3-3 L, @ Panthers: 3-4 L, and vs Seahawks: 3-5 L

Like their rivals, the Cardinals, the Rams are forced to play all three of the big players in the NFC with two of them in their own division. The Texans always start off hot and their defensive players should have no probably keeping up with the Rams. The Panthers should have their act together this year and they’ll pull off a pretty big win, mostly from ground plays. Lastly the super Seahawks will have no problem controlling the Rams in at their own stadium by staying on their wide recievers with equally agile players.

vs Titans: 4-5 W

The Titans lost their very talented TE to the Rams and they’re just as lost as the Jags. Though the Titans just have some magic about them and they can always make good things happen for them. Sadly not in this game when the Rams beat them.

@ Colts: 4-6 L

I still don’t like the way Luck throws the ball and the Colts will need to back in the groove of things under Chuck. This game will be close and big plays will be the biggest factor. I think The Colts have a better chance of pulling off the big plays, so I’m picking the Colts in this one.


vs Bears: 4-7 L, @ 49ers: 4-8 L, @ Cardinals: 4-9 L, and vs Saints: 4-10 L

The Bears lost their head coach and a big defensive force and they will feel the the loss of these two roles this season, but sadly not in this game. Cutler will have one of his random big games throwing to Marshall for a big Bears win. The 49ers will get their turn to beat on the Rams with an explosive lead from the get go leading to a 49ers win. The Cardinals will be in their hot streak mode and they’ll be playing under control leading them to a win here as well. The drought continues with a loss to the energized Saints who feel cheated from last year. They’re high powered offense will be too much the newer players on the Rams defense.

vs Bucs: 5-10 W

This will probably my favorite game of the Rams season. These two teams are almost identical and this will be a really close and hard fought game. Though the slugish defense, even though it is aggresive, won’t be able to handle the Rams new agile offense. The Rams O-Line will need to be careful and fully prepared for anythng, just in case.

@ Seahawks: 5-11 L

The Seahawks picked up a lot of great players in the offseason, especially Percy Harvin. The Seahawks needed to make a lot of big moves if they wanted to compete with the 49ers. This team is designed just for them and if you compare the Rams to the 49ers it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out who’ll win this last game. The Seahawks.

A.J. Hawk to attend ‘NFL Broadcast Boot Camp’

A.J. Hawk is making himself known and I’m happy to see that. To find out more read this post by the Green Bay Packers Official Blog.

Green Bay Packers - Official Blog

NFL Broadcast Boot Camp

Packers LB A.J. Hawk is among the 24 current and former NFL players slated to take part in the league’s seventh annual “NFL Broadcast Boot Camp” at NFL Films in Mt. Laurel, N.J., from June 17-20.

Green Bay Packers LB A.J. HawkThe seminar includes instructors from the NFL’s various broadcast partners and introduces the participants to the different parts of broadcast operations. All the players will serve as live guest host on SiriusXM NFL Radio during the program.

Hawk, a first-round draft pick in 2006, joins several other former Packers players who have participated in the program.

Former Packers LB Na’il Diggs will also participate in the program. Diggs, a fourth-round draft pick in 2000, played six seasons for the Packers. After his collegiate career at Ohio State, Diggs played in 84 games for Green Bay.

According to a league press release, 128 players have taken part in the camp from 2007-12, and 48 of…

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Could the Vikings have another 2009 miracle season in 2013?

With The NFL season a little over 100 days away, I’ve been getting pumped for week one to come. Now, I’m probably jumping the gun, like I usually do. But I am having the same exact feelings I had back in 2009, when Brett favre came to town and led the Vikings to the NFC Championship, where they were one play away from going to the superbowl against the cheating Sinners. ha, see what I did there, Saints………Sinners………. ha, get it………….? Boooooooooo!!!!!! Matt you suck!!!!!! what a corny joke!!! Get over it Matt, the Vikings lost, the past is the past. Move on already!!!! aw man, tough crowd here, well, there goes my attempt to bringing a little comedy here………. Now where were we? Oh yeah, why do I have this feeling? well sit back folks and lets take a little drive.

Now, unlike now, back in 2009. The Vikings roster was amazing on paper. they were an older, wiser, and had a tremendously talented roster. Leading the way with Brett favre and AP on offense, along with the talented tightend duo of Visanthe Shiancoe and Jimmy Kleinsasser; A receiving core of Sidney rice, Percy Harvin, and Benard Berrian, (who I hated after this season, but hey, berrian was efficient in 2009) and a great offensive line, that would have been greater if Matt Birk didn’t leave to go play for the Ravens, (In my opinion, he was the missing piece that, if on the Viking roster. Would have won them their first Superbowl.) Then a destructive defense that featured the Williams wall, Rodeo Jared Allen and Ray Edwards. an elite Linebacking core of Ben Leber, E.J. Henderson, and Chad Greenway, and a secondary that was fairly decent featuring Cedric Griffin, Antoine Winfield, and Chris Cook. Now let us take a look at the roster going into this year.

The Vikings aren’t more experienced or exactly as talented as they were that year, but this roster has a few things that the 09 roster didn’t have. That would be Youth, more speed, endurance, strength, and agility. This roster is just more athletic that that roster. They need experience for sure, but the high potential of this roster gives me a warm an fuzzy feeling, that will not only have the Vikings competitive this year, but going forward for years to come. With Christian Ponder at QB, this will be his 3rd year in the league and 2nd year as true starter. The Vikings last year had basically no weapons at receiver, once harvin was out and Ponder was dealt a bad hand. Now, that’s not to say that he himself isn’t without blame, since his play wasn’t anything to brag about either. He has a lot to prove his critics wrong this year. He now has, unlike last year, a better receiving core to work with, so no more excuses for Mr. Ponder. it’s time for Ponder to put up, or shut up This year and if he doesn’t  improvement, then it would be best to cut him loose and try finding a franchise QB again.

Then we have the the league MVP Adrian Peterson, who believe it or not, is coming back at 100% going into this season. (remember, it is within the 2nd year, after an ACL injury, that a athlete usually comes back at full strength) If last year you were amazed. I have the feeling that Peterson hasn’t shown us anything yet, if he did everything that he did last year at around 85-90%. NFL teams better be wary and afraid Because the human Cyborg is coming back even better then he was last year.

Now the offensive line is quite different from the 2009 team and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Unlike the 2009 offensive line, that had mostly vets. This offensive line is much younger. This offensive line is much more athletic. Now sadly, for the athletic advantage that this line has. they have a glaring weakness in size, strength, and mental breakdowns. these weaknesses are greatly shown at both guard positions, (though more at the left side, then the right) Now, thanks to the fact that they have a mobile QB, these weaknesses aren’t so bad, since Ponder can escape pressure and make positive gains either through the air, or with his feet, but hey, This team is a run first team and because this line is so athletic. it also is and was the main reason peterson was able to run his way to within 8 yards of the rushing title. Hopefully this lines pass blocking and strength improve, and I anticipate it will. since this line has been with each other for over a year. The Gelling process for an offensive line is Key for success.Now on to the Tightend position.

Now this is a position of strength, though not like it was in 2009. The Vikings have great receiving tightends, but the blocking part of this Tightend core certainly needs work. Kyle Rudolph is a great receiver and an improving blocker, while his counterpart has been plagued by injury. However, when he was with the Seahawks, he showed that he was a reliable receiving tightend with good hands and route running ability. Hopefully he can show that this year and stay healthy, so that Ponder will have another option in the passing game.  Now onto the receivers.

It’s amazing to see how much this core has improved from last years nightmare of receivers. It was hard to watch, when Harvin went down. When you’re receiving options are Michael Jenkins, Devin Aromashodu, Stephan Burton, Jerome Simpson, and Jarius Wright. With this core of receiver, I don’t even think the greats like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or even Aaron Rodgers could make anything happen. (though Jarius Wright was arguably the best receiver our of this group and Jerome Simpson was hurt most of the time.) Because this core was nothing short of terrible. Not being able to get separation and dropping some of the easiest passes. Now this year however, the Vikings look to be much stronger. with the addition of Greg Jennings, Cordarrelle Patterson, (who when we drafted him. I was not a big fan, but hope he turns out and plays to his high potential) the return of Jerome Simpson (hopefully he can stay healthy) Jarius wright, Greg Childs, Rodney Smith, and Chris Summers. During training camp, with the great amount of competition. it will be fun to watch and see who makes the team. With this receiving core. Ponder has no excuses like I said earlier. He has the weapons, but will he be able to get the ball to these weapons? Only time will tell. Now for the defense.

The defense as a whole is what has me truly excited for this season. This defense is young, and talented for the most part, with very high potential to be something special. Now, as much as it pained me to see Antoine Winfield get cut. This team is still in a good place in the secondary with: Harrison smith and Jamarcus Stanford/Mistral Raymond at the safety positions, then at corner they have a strong and fairly deep depth with the addition of Corner back Xavier Rhodes in the 1st round of this years draft, Chris Cook, Josh Robinson in the Nickel, then A.J. Jefferson working in the dime package. This secondary should be quite dangerous going into next year, with two big, physical and fast corners on the outsides, then with the young speed demon Josh Robinson, who showed promise last year in his rookie season. Will be exciting to watch this much improved secondary play. Now for the Linebacker position.

The Linebacker position isn’t as strong as I would like it to be and is the biggest question mark on this Defense. How will Erin Henderson adapt to switching from the will linebacker position to playing the Middle linebacker position? who will be the Will side linebacker? The only strong player in this core as of right now,(training camp will give a better picture of the strength and depth of this core) has got to be Chad Greenway. He will have really have to lead his fellow Linebackers and get them up to speed, with the coaching staff. With so many questions marks. This is the biggest worry for me, but I suppose no team is without weak spots. Hopefully I’ll have been worrying for nothing and this core turns out to be gold. Now last but not least. Lets take a look at the defensive line.

The defensive line is looking to be pretty strong, from a pass rush perspective, but in terms of being able to stop the run. I have my doubts. The defensive line consists of Jared Allen, Letroy Guion, Kevin Williams, Brian Robinson, Sharrif Floyd, Christian Ballard, Everett Dawkins  and Fred Evans. Now, when I look at the Vikings defensive ends and defensive tackles, I see a defensive end group that should be great attacking the passer and should be fine against the Run.  However, for the defensive tackle position. I see this core being also great in pass rushing, however, I also see a group that will be susceptible to the running game (especially up the middle) since they don’t really have a guy that can plug up the middle and play the nose effectively. Hopefully, if the Vikings decide to play Sharrif Floyd and Kevin Williams together, Since it should amend this deficiency somewhat, but at this point, (Since training camp will show us a clearer picture of what these players can do) runs up the middle could be the Kryptonite for this defense.

Now, with a rundown of each position. The Youth, intensity, speed, strength, agility, endurance, and overall talent of this years team has me very excited. Now I don’t think they will put up similar numbers offensively as to when Favre was here in 2009, (unless Ponder plays at an elite level) but this team could be a dangerous force to be reckoned with on both sides of the ball. The Vikings aren’t going to be a team that will beat you by scoring 30+ points a game. That’s not how they do things. But thanks to the revamped receiving core and a 100% Adrian Peterson, this team should be able to score enough points to win games and a defense that should drive offensive coordinators crazy and keep opposing offenses from scoring points, (excluding the question marks at the nose position, How will Erin Henderson adapt to switching to the Middle? and who will be the new Will side Linebacker? Training camp will give us a better answer) The Vikings future for the 2013 season looks very promising. I cant wait!!!! Football season cant get here fast enough.

Jamarcus Russell. Will he get a second chance?


Former 1st overall pick Jamarcus Russell has been working really hard, to making a comeback to the NFL and prove to us all, that he isn’t the ‘biggest’ bust in the last 10 years. When Russell was Draft, he was coming out of LSU, with a huge amount of potential to be something truly great, but there was just one problem. He was just too lazy. Falling asleep during team meetings,  late for practice, showing very little effort in the weight room, and just overall not wanting to put in the work to be great. During his 3-4 year stint with the Raiders. He took a huge chunk of their money and ran to the nearest Buffet and was never seen from again………………Until about the last year or so.The guy went from about 260 lbs, which is still huge for a QB and ended up around 310 lbs. The weight problem and poor work habits were the reasons that got him cut from the raiders back when he was still playing.

Now, heading into this year. It looks like he has been reborn in a way. He has dropped nearly 50 lbs,(down to about 265 lbs) been training with former pro QB Jeff Garcia, and doing everything he can to get his way back into the NFL and prove his critics wrong. Now many people say that he shouldn’t get another chance from any NFL team, but I would have to disagree. Look, we all make mistakes and sometimes it takes some pain and suffering, for us to grow up. He is showing fire and passion to be something great now. For me at the very least, if I was a NFL General Manager. I would offer him the league minimum and bring him in as a camp body. It would cost me next to nothing, to see what he’s got and if he doesn’t impress me, I can get rid of him, with no problems. However, if he does impress, and shows that same potential he had in collage. I could probably get him to sign a multiple year deal after this year, (assuming he stays on the straight and narrow) for cheap and at the very least, have a good back up option for QB. Now with reports that there is big interest in him, he might get his chance. Do I think he will make a team? No, but it should be interesting to see, if he can Resurrect his career.

Arizona Cardinals: Ryan’s 2013 Season Predictions


Arizona wasn’t very good last year, which is quite sad when they probably have the best wide reciever in the game today, Larry Fitzgerald. Poor quarterbacks and a awful offensive line didn’t help this team move down the field at all, but the Cardinals made some great moves in the offseason to fix that.

The Cardinals were able to get aged and vetern quarterback Carson Palmer. I’m a Palmer supporter and I was so happy when the Raiders got him but sadly things just didn’t quite work out there. Palmer can be a great quarterback and may be the quarterback this team needs, we could be looking at a great connection coming up this year for Palmer and Fitzgerald.

Not only did they get a new quarterback but the Cardinals also picked up guard Jonathan Cooper in the first round of the draft. A great addition for the offensive line. Stepfan Taylor and Andre Ellington add additional depth behind Rashard Mendenhall and Ryan Williams. Alex Okafor is an intriguing prospect along the defensive line as well.

While they did address the offensive line with Cooper and Earl Watford, the Cardinals needed to add help at the tackle position as well. Levi Brown is coming back from a torn triceps and Nate Potter and Bobby Massie were inconsistent as rookies. Maybe they’re riding on high hopes for these two but I’m not sure they’ll be much more but bench warmers or playing for a different team down the road.

Cooper will probably have the best impact this year and down the road. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him enter the pro-bowl this year. He has great potential and he’ll be greatly needed for the years to come with this franchise.

The teams front office roster changes that took place not too long after their season ended are also going to have a big impact on this team this season. New general manager, Steve Keim, and coach, Bruce Arians may have bigger impacts than the new players this year. They’re both veterns of the game and great motivators.  Bruce Arians is a proven leader of men and he should be able to shape Carson Palmer into the quarterback this team needs.


Of the 90 players on the roster, 48 are new. Spring cleaning, NFL style. That statistic doesn’t provide a complete picture because 26 players are rookies (nine draft picks, 17 free agents). That’s about the number that arrives each year. The Cardinals either cut or didn’t re-sign six players who started at least 10 games a year ago. Those six are, tackle D’Anthony Batiste, linebacker Paris Lenon, cornerback William Gay, safety Kerry Rhodes, safety Adrian Wilson and guard Adam Snyder. These players alone accounted for 21% of the team’s total starts.

I’m even more surprised by the cut of Chris “Beanie” Wells, a great player. He proved he could be great but I guess inconsistency was his downfall.

Overall, it appears moves by the Keim/Arians regime solved far more problems than they created, which can’t always be said of those in big offices.

Arians made himself a star coaching candidate for the way he handled filling in for Chuck Pagano last season with the Indianapolis Colts while also helping Andrew Luck to a solid rookie season. Arians’ nine wins as a sub made him the first interim coach to earn coach of the year honors. While Arians will lead the offense, he brought his former offensive line coach from Indianapolis and the Pittsburgh Steelers, Harold Goodwin, to be his offensive coordinator. This is a great move and it’s always wise to bring someone you know and trust with you, I’d be more worried about this team on offense if Arians hadn’t brought Goodwin with him.

Todd Bowles was a respected secondary coach for 13 years in the NFL, but considering his disastrous run as the defensive coordinator last season for the Philadelphia Eagles has to make you question what the defense will look like.

Schedule Review: 7-9

At Rams: 0-1 L

It often takes Palmer quite a while to warm up to a new system. I predict he’ll be quite loose with the football against the Rams and it’ll put a lot of stress on the team resulting in a game that goes down hill fast.

vs Lions: 1-1 W

The Lions are the “dream team” the Eagles were a couple years ago. Yea so what they added a few big name players but the Lions have had good players but for some reason they just don’t click together. I expect the Cardinals to expose them and pull off win with a 14 point difference.

@ Saints: 1-2 L and @Bucs: 1-3 L

I don’t expect the Saints or Bucs to play like they did last year. The Saints will have their leader head coach back to push this team to success, I expect to see them in the playoffs this year. The Bucs were trying new things last year. With more experience under their new head coach this team looks to be great defensivly and getting better offensivly.

vs Panthers: 2-3 W

I expect the Panthers to be good this year as well and this should be a good close game but because the Cardinals are at home I’m giving them the edge to win this one.

@ 49ers: 2-4 L, vs Seahawks: 2-5 L, and vs Falcons: 2-6 L

The Cardinals get to play the big three of the NFC in a row and sadly two of them are in the same division as them so they’ll get the luxury of playing them again. Sadly these three teams have just too much talent for the new Cardinals and I expect them to lose all three of these games.


vs Texans: 3-6 W

The Texans were exposed last year, they were that team that made it to the playoffs but you didn’t expect them to move past the first round. They’re defense had holes despite having JJ Swatt and Schaub just can’t throw. The Texans will have one of their random bad games this time and lose by a TD.

@ Jags: 4-6 W

Luckily the Cardinals get some easy games in a row after playing the big three. The Jags still can’t seem to figure it out. They had a pretty bad draft this year and aren’t fixing any of the holes in their roster. The Cardinals come into this game and simply dominate their opponent.

vs Colts: 5-6 W

This isn’t a prediction of the fact that Arians coached them so he knows them. Chuck strong was a great show when it happened but the Colts haven’t reached their full potential and they’ll need to adjust to playing under Chuck again. Brett Favre jr, Andrew Luck, really needs to work on not throwing so many INT too.

@ Eagles 6-6 W

I haven’t figured the Eagles out yet and I don’t think Kelly has either. He may have this team in control by this point but I slightly doubt it. I give Kelly one bad year and then he’ll be something to worry about.

vs Rams: 7-6 W

It’s been a while since these two teams met but with the team now under control and Palmer in the swing of things the Cardinals will get their revenge with a early head start in this game.

@ Titans: 7-7 L

Win streaks are nice and all but there’s always that one team that ruins it, in this case it’ll be the random Tennessee Titans. With nothing left to lose the Titans will come out swinging to send the Cardinals spinning out of control.

@ Seahawks: 7-8 L and vs 49ers: 7-9 L

Sadly the Cardinals will end the season playing not only their rivals but possibly the two best teams in the NFL. They may end up being just flashes in the pan but with the rosters these two teams have I highly doubt it. The Cardinals take two losses and they’re out.

Sanchez “Planning to Start”


There’s nothing to much more difficult than being a New York Jets fan, and I should know because I’m slightly a New York Jets fan…it’s really hard to admit that sometimes. Anyways Jets QB Mark Sanchez is planning to start this season and apparently doesn’t think he’ll find himself on the bench. I have to agree with him, yes Sanchez has had two awful years in a row but the year he went to the playoff he was quite amazing to watch. I think Sanchez has what it takes he just needs to get back in the swing of things.

”I’m planning on playing,” Sanchez said Thursday. ”I’m planning on starting.”

Sanchez, entering his fifth season, knows there’s a long way to go before coach Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg make the decision on who’s under center in Week 1 when the Jets open against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Though since all of the head coaches in the league currently have the ego of I picked him I’m playing him Sanchez should’nt really have anything to worry about. See Tony Romo, Christian Ponder, and Josh Freeman for example.

Since opening his big mouth and throwing something sort of like a tantrum during the NFL Draft, Smith, the former West Virginia star who was the Jets’ second-round pick, has been trying to say all the right things since coming to New York. Even that he’d be OK if he’s the one starting the season with a cap and a clipboard.

”The coaches are going to choose who they feel is best for the team,” Smith said. ”It’s not my job to really worry about that. Like I said, I just go out there and work hard. Whatever it takes to help my team win is what I’m going to do. I’m going to give it my best shot and see what happens from there.”


Ryan and everyone else in the organization will say the same stuff every head coach says when they draft or get a new quarterback and that’s, without question, the quarterback spot, as with most other positions on Jets roster, is up for grabs. It has been repeatedly called an ”open competition,” one in which Sanchez believes he’ll have every opportunity to keep his job.

Sanchez isn’t even slightly worried about losing his position as the starter. He’s even willing to help Geno to prove it.

”If I was insecure about something or couldn’t handle either this market or this pressure or, `Man, I can’t handle this competition,’ maybe I wouldn’t say much to him,” Sanchez said. ”Maybe I’d be a little scared to give him help. But I don’t feel like that. I just don’t, it’s not my personality.”

”I’m confident, I’m ready to go. I can do it. I know I can.”

”I think he’s done a nice job this offseason,” Ryan said. ”I think he’s in great shape. Is he more accurate with the football? I’m not sure what the numbers will say. I really don’t know. But I feel he has a confidence about him.”

Like Alex Smith, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, Mark hasn’t had much luck with offensive coordinators. Sanchez is on his third offensive coordinator in as many seasons, with Mornhinweg following Tony Sparano, who replaced Brian Schottenheimer. But, it’s easy to see that Sanchez clearly enjoys learning from Mornhinweg, who has a long history of working with star quarterbacks such as Steve Young, Jeff Garcia and Michael Vick.

”You should just hear him talk,” Sanchez said. ”Not only is he engaging, but he just has so much knowledge of the subject. He’s like one of those professors in college that you like going to their class, and that was rare.”

It’ll be an interesting season for the Jets, will they come out the same old team or will the enter the league as a force to be reckoned with? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. J-E-T-S! Jets, Jets, Jets, Jets!