Where Ryan Was Right and Where Ryan Was Wrong! First Week of June Edition


Where Ryan Was Wrong

Well I was not expecting the Pacers to be as good as they have been against the Heat. Perhaps I just got caught up with the heatwave and I failed to see the strong defensive skills of the big men the Pacers have. The match up was close but watching the Heat destroy the Bulls in the fashion they did I thought they could’ve easily done the same to the Pacers, but that simply didn’t happen. It’s going to take more than Lebron James to win the the Final game at home and sadly Wade’s injury is not helping the team much. In the end thought the Heat are keeping their hopes up and are ready for all out battle in Game 7.

An obviously displeased Lebron James said “We hate to be in this position, but it’s an opportunity and we look forward to it,’’ after the Heat didn’t wrap up the series Saturday at Indiana, losing 91-77 in Game 6.


Where Ryan Was Right

Their season didn’t go according to plan, a roster filled with injuries, an up and down season, and praised as the only team to defeat the Heat despite looking awful several times throughout the year. The Spurs swept two teams in the playoffs and the best part, I was right about both of them. The Spurs are a force to be reckoned with and they’ll probably beat the Heat in the finals, that’s right you heard me. The spurs are tall and loaded, something the Heat are not. Prediction? Spurs beat the Heat in five.


Where Ryan Was Wrong

Ok so I know this is a little early but I was expecting the Penguins to win game one and show off their brute force and show they mean business but that was not what I witnessed. I sat through bad passes, awful defense, and failing to prevent big plays. The Penguins looked like they didn’t belong on the ice. I knew this matchup was going to be good, the Bruins are not to be taken lightly. Espcially now that they’re on their hot streak. I still think the Penguins will pull of a late win though so we’ll wait and see if I’m wrong again.

Small Wrong and Rights

I didn’t make too many more predictions so here’s some ideas I had but just didn’t post.

Where Ryan Was Right

Camping is awful, I despise camping. Especially on Memorial weekend. I Went back to my great home state of Wisconsin for the weekend and it was cold and rainy which led to a boring vacation and we were stuck with nothing to really do. I’ll be attempting this camping stuff again Labor Day weekend, hopefully it’ll be better.

Where Ryan Was Wrong

I was wrong about the U.S. soccer team just looking pathetic against Germany. It was quite the opposite and turned out to be a great game. Go team USA!

Looking Back Where Ryan Was Way Wrong!

So early in the NBA Playoffs I made the comment about if anyone actually cared about the Pacers hawks game. It turns out that people do and that the Pacers do to. I don’t know about anyone else but I was not expecting the Pacers to make it this far. They’re better than I thought, and they’re putting on a good show. Congratulations Pacers.


Ray Charles to Drop Puck at Bruins Game


Not sure if you were expecting an article about the Ray Charles or not, if so then I fooled you. Ray Charles is actually the name of the above adorable blind puppy who is a extreme Bruins fan.

He’s been quite successful during his short time on this planet. He’s less than six months old and he’s already been named Modern Dog magazine’s Dog of the Week with more than 3,500 votes, gotten more than 28,000 likes on his Facebook, and now became the subject of an online petition to get him to TD Garden to drop the puck at a B’s game.

The petition reads, “An avid Boston Bruins fan, Ray would like to drop the puck at a Bruins home game and we need your help to make this happen. For all the joy he has brought us, it seems only fair that we take a few moments to sign his petition,” was reportedly to get 2,000 signatures. As of Tuesday night, it had already surpassed that total.

Charles is ready to go, and I’d love to see him drop the puck in the next home game. Go Bruins! Also sorry Bruins fans this post was for you but I’m thinking the Penquins are going to win.

In the spirit of Playoffs

Do the Minnesota Wild have what it takes to win? Big post by Hockey Hub

Hockey Hub

Tonight the Minnesota Wild have game 4 of their first round series against the Black Hawks. We are all hoping that the Wild can come out with another win to even the series. Also, Jason Pominville will be suiting up this game. He has not played in a game since he suffered an upper body injury after Dustin Brown of the Kings elbowed him in the face. I hope he makes his presence known this game and makes a statement to the Stae of Hockey that he is still the real deal. In spirit of Playoff hockey I am going to share a video preview of a project that my bar league made this year. We recorded every single game with a GoPro camera and gather off the ice footage and created our own version of HBO’s series, Twenty-four Seven. In the NHL this series follows the two different teams…

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Let the Playoffs Begin

The playoffs are looking good this year in the NHL. Great teams and some great matchups. My money is on the Blackhawks. Great post by Hockey Hub, I’m looking forward to this.

Hockey Hub

Last night the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs kicked off, and there were many good games making it seem like we will have very entertaining playoffs to end a short year of hockey. If you would like to visit a website to review the current playoff bracket. Being the eight seed our Wild have found themselves in a classic David vs. Goliath match up with the Chicago Black Hawks who have looked to be one of the toughest teams this season. The puck dropped at seven and nobody really knew what to expect out of the Wild after watching their last regular season game against the Oilers.

Before the game was about to begin, the Wild took a shot to the heart when their goaltender, Niklas Backstrom, hurt himself in warm-ups leaving the Wild to start Josh Harding. But the Wild got the first goal from forward, Cal Clutterbuck. The game…

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Since When do Ovetime Losses Count as Something?


I simply don’t understand the hype behind a point streak. Why are we excited about 21 wins in regulation and 3 overtime points? Also no offense but because of the short season have the Blackhawks played any powerhouses, any Eastern Conference teams? Uhhh no they haven’t. Now don’t get me wrong the Blackhawks certainly got something going, but really we’re excited about this? I don’t if your team loses three of its six shootouts if it should really be receiving the hype they are; in general they had to take the game to six shoot outs! I think I’ll have to wait and see them play a legitimate team before I’m going to decide that the Blackhawks are the best team in the league. Seriously one more request, can we stop comparing the Blackhawks point streak to the old Chicago Bulls streak or the Heats streak without comparing the pros and cons of the situations. I mean sure the Heat have played unimpressive teams during their streak but they also didn’t have to take any of their games to overtime…just saying. Seriously the NHL needs to change this, why should you get a point for going into overtime? After losing a shoot out why should you be able to walk away and say, well I still got a point and there’s still nothing in the loss column.

On another note, congratulations Blackhawks you were behind several times, you were tired (though this is a lame excuse as it’s a sport of course your tired. Can we also stop using this as a way to compare teams?), and you were missing some key players and went you were able to pull off a win. Best play of the game was when Toews scored a highlight-reel, short-handed goal early in the third period, beating two Avalanche players to tie the score at 2. Ray Emery made 20 saves for the Blackhawks to improve to 10-0. Varlamov finished with 29 stops. Also congratulations to Carcillo for his game-winning goal which was his first goal since returning from a knee injury on Feb. 22.

I’d hate to jinx the Blackhawks, but your luck’s going to run out sooner or later and I’m predicting a loss to the Anaheim Ducks.