Oh that’s right A Rod. And he’s in the news again. These days A Rod seems more to me a definition than a nickname for the man child formally know as the baseball player Alex Rodriguez. I’ll just put it out there that i really don’t like the guy. I take him as the type that would get pushed down during recess and run and tell the monitor, or if other kids would’nt do something his way he’d be like I don’t want to play anymore, I’m going home.

   I just don’t understand. I mean here’s a guy that’s probably been juicing and dosing since little legue, has people saying they’ve seen him and helped him inject these drugs, should be banned with all numbers erased,  may as well have guilty tattood across his gigantic forehead and what happens? He gets his suspention reduced. Of course. With a little help from his legal team that happens to be bigger than his baseball team. But what does he do after this is announced? He’s cries some more.

   Really A Rod when is this circus you’re headlining going to end? When they find you totally innocent and all this just magically goes away. I really don’t see that happening and remember man they found the 8 black sox innocent and look where it got them.

   Another thing that gets me through his tears is his ” Their singling me out”. Come on man, we’re not stupied. I think a basic math class factoring in the other guys that were suspended could tell you that’s just not the case. On top of that misguided thought, if someone were to put all this together just to get you who and why would they? Could it be the Yankees orginization? The only reason they might want to single you out would be to get out from under that huge way to under deserved contract they signed you to. Really though with all my dislike I have for the yankees I still think that a club with all that money could find a way to get rid of you if they wanted without the help of a scandal or conspiracy. So could it be the M.L.B. itself? Why would they bother, that’s only you thinking you’re bigger and better than you really are and that every one has it out for you. I got news for you buddy you’re not that good and seriously man the only one bringing you down is you.

   All you have to do is man up like the other guys did and get up there tell everyone you messed up apologize take your punishment and move on. If you’re not going to do that though here’s a better idea… Just GO AWAY! 



WWE SummerSlam

The 25th edition of SummerSlam is going to be epic. The story lines from the bottom of the card to the top of the card have been thought out, nothing appears to be forced or rushed, it’s just perfect.  A few problems, and hopefully it doesn’t happen is a triple threat for the tag titles, an Intercontinental title match, and U.S title match.  These three matches cannot happen because they’ll ruin what’s going to probably be the best pay per view of the year. 
With the announcement of what appears to be an Inferno match between Bray Wyatt and Kane has just made every match on the card as of now landscape changing in the WWE.  
John Cena doesn’t seem so super considering Daniel Bryan’s momentum and a looming viper. The main event is pretty much unpredictable.
What’s going to happen? Who will win? Will Damien Sandow cash in? Will Orton cash in and turn heel? What about CM Punk? August 18 will be unbelievable, so unbelievable I’ll actually pay to watch rather than rip it off of some sharing site. 
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Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett is a gifted brawler.  He’s young, a great talker, and hopefully a future champion.  The question is, what will it take for him to be a breakout star finally?  I’ve pondered and pondered then it finally hit me.  Wade needs Paige the anti diva.  He needs her as a manager or an on screen girlfriend, whichever one works in all honesty.  

Paige is just as ruthless as he is, and she adds depth to the floundering women’s division.  If they build the duo up properly, perhaps even give Barrett a run with the US title to build his credibility he’d be next in line for a MITB. 

Just something to ponder…..

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Poor Matt Striker

Earlier this week the WWE released Matt Striker.  Out of all of the commentators the WWE could release they released him? Really? Not the third wheel on Smackdown? 
Matt Striker has an extensive knowledge of wrestling much like JBL. Some of his references might go over some fans heads, but what he does reminds me of this quote a rapper said,’You can’t respect the new school if you played hookie.’ Mist wrestling fans now are children who know absolutely nothing about wrestling. Matt Striker when given a chance mentioned wrestlers from all over the world, he gave insight into a match much like William Regal does when commentating. 
Maybe this is a swerve. It was rumblings earlier this year that Striker was supposed to manage someone. Maybe he returns in some new capacity. As of now however, the WWE has lost a phenomenal talent. Impact Wrestling is looking for a color commentator…

Desmond Bishop Released from packers.


The Packers made the decision today, to part ways with Defensive linebacker Desmond Bishop. Bishop was a pretty good player when health for the packers. from 2007 when he was drafted in the 6th round, until the 2011 season. Bishop had been getting better every season.

2010 and 2011 seasons being his best so far. He accumulated a total of  165 tackles, 8 sacks, 9 pass deflections, 4 forced fumbles, and 1 int that went for a touchdown. This move seems a bit of a head scratchier considering that he signed a 19 million dollar contract extension after the 2011 season. Sure, Bishop suffered a torn Hamstring injury that prematurely ended his 2012 season, but as to my knowledge. this guy hasn’t really been injury prone. From recent reports, It seems like he’s nearly, if not at 100%. He did have what he classified as a strained hamstring, for the reason as to why he wasn’t participating in the Packers mini camp, but the other reason for the release is the extension that he signed during the 2011 off-season and the huge amount of money the packers used to lock up some players this last off-season.

The packers this past off-season decided to lock up a ton of money in Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers with Clay getting a five year $66 million extension with a 20 million dollar signing bonus and Aaron Rodgers getting a five-year, $110 million contract extension along with a 35 million dollar signing bonus. These 2 factors (the money being more of the reason then the hamstring injury in my opinion) are the reasons for the departure of Desmond Bishop. Now Desmond Bishop is heading towards free agency and according to reports, he may be on a new team in no time at all.

Just in the last few hours according to a interview performed by Jason Wilde of ESPNWisconsin.com. Desmond Bishop stated that he is going to be having a visit with the Minnesota Vikings on Tuesday. Stay tuned, because I have the feeling that we will have two former packers on the Vikings roster, itching for a little revenge against their former team. Stay tune for further events people.

PS. I’d like to give an apology to Ryan Biersack for being so flaky as of late. I’ll try to get more posts going moving forward, but my Schedule has been a little bit in wacky as of late. I’ll try to get at least one post a week moving forward.


Also, don’t give me crap if the Vikings do indeed sign another Green bay Packer Mr. Ryan. see the slingshot? just keep it in mind……….. 🙂

Noel’s stock falling?

2 Months ago Nerlens Noel was widely considered the #1 pick in the 2013 NBA draft.  Ask that same question toady to GM’s and what is the answer?  I don’t know.  Noel, is a great kid and an extremely hard worker.  He was very much involved in the Lexington community and truly a great representative for Big Blue Nation #BBN.  However, word has come out that he has come under guidance of “care takers” “advisors.”  People who may be more interested in what they can do for them, instead of Nerlens.  The current vibe is nobody can get ahold of Nerlens and he has blown off multiple meetings with high profile agents.  I hope things work out for Nerlens.  He will always be remembered as a UK fan favorite and I hope Coach Cal can reach out to him soon.



Ryback Should Chase World Heavyweight Championship

Ryback has chased after the WWE championship for the better part of a year now.  He’s lost due to controversy on several of those occasions. Why might you ask? It’s simple, creative isn’t sure how he’ll hold up as a champion.  
The World Heavyweight championship is a primary secondary title. John Cena has held it twice, Randy Orton has held it three times, Triple H has held it six times, and Edge has held it seven times. Basically some of the all time greats have held it on their way to the WWE championship. Ryback can feud with some of the best upper midcard guys like Alberto Del Rio or Sheamus. 
In fact, but things are on the horizon for Daniel Bryan this summer. I doubt  he’ll win the WWE championship, but maybe a second reign with the World title is in store for him.  Last month Bryan and Ryback had a phenomenal match on Smackdown.  The clash in styles made the match even better. A feud for the title between the two of them can perhaps make Ryback a better candidate for the WWE championship in the future. This could also help with his ring work.


WWE Money in the Bank

WWE Money in the Bank has been a popular staple for the WWE for a few years now.  We’ve seen stars become megastars (Edge and CM Punk) unfortunately we’ve seen more flounder after cashing in. Money in the Bank should really go to those who are right up against the glass ceiling and need something to break them through finally.
Dolph Ziggler was given the briefcase last summer, and it went absolutely nowhere. Then again Ziggler is The Showoff he was bound to break the glass.  
This year it should be one Money in the Bank. 10 superstars, at least 6 that can possibly win.  Those men should be Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro, Wade Barrett,  Big E Langston, Ryback, Kofi Kingston and the Shield. These 10 men will give the Money in the Bank ppv intrigue.  This also gives these stars something to do in the meantime.  New rivalries will be developed, and maybe even a couple face changes. 
Big E and Cody can stand to change.  It would have been smarter to have Cody be Kaitlin’s secret admirer because of the flirting that they were doing before Wrestlemania, and the fact that he’s a comic book geek (you dropped the ball WWE)
This Money in the Bank ppv can decide who’s going to be the flag bearer for the WWE after Cena’s imminent retirement. Hopefully the WWE starts thinking about the future rather than the present.

Daniel Bryan vs John Cena

Word came out earlier today that Daniel Bryan will be going head to head with John Cena for the WWE championship this summer.  I’m not surprised.  What I am surprised by however is that the match has been made babyface vs babyface.  The last couple of weeks i’ve been convinced that Bryan was turning heel.  I actually would have liked him being more of a tweener.  Either way the new question arises.  Will he beat Cena? If he beats Cena cleanly he may be a mainstay in the main event scene.  To be honest Bryan is younger than Cena, and has fresher legs than he does.  Hopefully the WWE does the right thing and puts the title on Bryan.  If Bryan doesn’t beat Cena, i’d be happy to see him battle Dolph Ziggler throughout the summer for the World Heavyweight championship.  WHo could forget Bragging Rights 2010.  Anyway, congrats American Dragon…Bryan Danielson-I mean Daniel Bryan.

WWE: Stars Who Should’ve Won The WWE Championship


The WWE has a lot of multi time champions. Congrats Cena, Orton, Rock, Austin, etc. These men represent two eras WWE, between the four of them about 40 championships are shared.  As of now everyone knows that the WWE have predetermined outcomes, but I feel like there have been a few times that putting the strap on these men was to safe of a choice. Here’s five men that should have enjoyed championship success, maybe even multiple title reigns.
Shelton Benjamin 
Before Kofi Kingston, Shelton was by far the most awe inspiring athlete the WWE had seen in years.  When he jumped ship to Raw he managed victories over Triple H on several occasions.  When he was sent packing to ECW Shelton clearly should have won the ECW championship.  The WWE was ok with putting the title on a lackluster star like Chavo, and giving a drug addict like Matt Hardy and RVD a chance to hold the title. Shelton then moved to Smackdown and was barely used. The WWE used Shelton as a novelty act for money in the bank…what a waste
If the Great Khali could be a former world champion why not Umaga?  Umaga was more intimidating, believable, and more skilled of a wrestler. Umaga held the Intercontinental championship, feuded with Bobby Lashley, John Cena, and Triple H. He should have been relegated to Smackdown and dominated. Unfortunately his career ended due to his untimely passing. Maybe if he didn’t die so soon he could have been champion at least once.
Scott Hall
As Razor Ramon Scott Hall was a major player for the WWE in the early 90’s.  not only did he participate in the first ever ladder match, but his feud with Shawn Michaels was a huge spectacle. He also was a major draw in WCW. If Nash and Hogan could have multiple reigns why couldn’t he?
I wanted to save this for last, but I can’t wait any longer.  Mr. Perfect. Need I say more? Nope, I didn’t think so.
The final man who I feel should have at least been a one time WWE champion is a little peculiar, but Shane McMahon. Vince held the title I believe on 3 occasions. Shane was a gifted wrestler. Even if it were just for a night or even for a moment he should have been champion. Imagine the feuds he could have been apart of as champion. He could have been the ultimate spineless weasel of a chorion. He would have drawn major heat, but he would have backed it up to an extent. Look at his street fight against Kurt Angle at King of the Ring, his battles with Kane, or even Bigshow.