Recently Marc Middleton reported that there would be

Recently Marc Middleton reported that there would be a new lead writer.

– WWE is currently hiring for a new lead creative writer. This person would be responsible for building TV scripts and developing long-term storylines as well as character back stories for new talents. WWE is requiring that this person have experience in either reality TV, sitcoms or character-based nonfiction.’

Word is that the writing staff is a little worried about tonight’s rating for Raw because of game 7 of the eastern conference finals


Are You Ready to Football! WWE and the NFL


So besides the fact the Aaron Rodgers got a belt after winning the SUper Bowl and lets forget about the fact the Dwayne Johnson actually tried pro football before anyone had a chance to “smell” what he was cooking in wrestling. WWE is trying to create a smooth transition for plaayer whose NFL aspirations have tied out but they still want to stay in a professional athletic career. What would be a better place to go than the world of wrestling?

Jim Ross, a WWE announcer who now assists with the company’s talent-development program, is meeting Wednesday with NFL Players Association officials in Washington, D.C. Ross hopes to develop a working relationship that could lead to the NFLPA funneling players whose football aspirations have ended toward a WWE tryout.

“Everybody doesn’t make the 53-man roster,” Ross told co-host Jim Miller and me Tuesday night on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“Some guys are going to be looking for work, and we’ve got some job openings. Maybe we can put the synergies of those two entities together and create something wonderful some day.”

Not only that but wrestling can also be a gateway to other careers like Dwayne Johnson for example. Dwayne, who later branched into acting, has headlined WWE’s past two Wrestlemania events while remaining one of Hollywood’s biggest box-office draws.

Other current WWE superstars with backgrounds from other sports include John Cena (college football), The Undertaker (college basketball) and Brock Lesnar (amateur wrestling).

WWE has made a significant investment in trying to develop younger talent that can follow in the footsteps of those legends. The company recently announced plans to build a 26,000 square-foot training center in Orlando, Fla., where its developmental program will be based.

Extreme Rules Fallout……….


Hate to say I told ya so! But I did! Dean Ambrose and The Shield have title gold now and its just beginning! Now im not quite ready to tell you how I feel and see things in the future happening but that will all come with a little time. And remember a little time in the wrestling world could be a couple of months LOL! But hey, how do you feel about it? I mean you would have honestly had to been crazy to think someone from The Shield was not walking away with title gold at Extreme Rules. And they were not gonna let one get it without the other, plain and simple!


Now This match I’m sure didn’t disappoint, How could it of? These two have been feuding for over a year and now hopefully its over……rivilalries such as this can get stale pretty quick (Cena vs Rock 2). This feud did what it had to do and now it should be over! I mean these two guys beat the hell outta each other off and on for a little over a year now, great matches great story….great ending!

I’ll get back to you tomorrow on other Extreme Rules matches and the aftermath on Raw!  Keep in touch…….follow me @GoDeepWrestling on twitter.

Welcom to the Big Time Curtis Axel


Last night Paul Heyman unveiled his new ‘Heyman Guy’.  The world was reintroduced to Michael McGillicutty.  Curtis Axel is a combination of his father’s name Curt Hennig and his grandfather’s Larry ‘The Axe’ Hennig.  Many people were skeptical about this move, but a lot of people have been excited about Curtis Axel for a very long time.  He worked with The Rock for his latest run, and Triple H has liked him for a while now as well.  On the mic he isn’t as good as his father, but partnering him with Heyman will give him the mouth piece he needs to back up his talent in the ring.  It was surprising that the twitter universe expected RVD to return last night, but with his constant violations with the wellness policy and his age it really made no sense whatsoever.   Curtis Axel is only 33 and its about time the WWE start to look toward the youth of the company in order to build toward the future.  Curtis Axel may or may not be WWE champion one day, but as of now I look forward to see what he’s capable of being.  The New Nexus angle didn’t give him an opportunity to shine, but maybe this time it’ll be different.  Welcome to the big time Curtis

WWE Extreme Rules Predictions

With under 20 minutes remaining before the Extreme Rules PPV gets started, I wanted to give you my predictions.

Randy Orton vs Big Show

Orton is taking thiis one, especially being in his hometown.  Don’t expect to see Orton in just his match, I believe something might happen tonight. (Possible heel turn)

Mark Henry vs Sheamus

Mark Henry wins.  Mark Henry is still built as a monster heel, This rivalry goes into the Payback ppv.

Team Hell No vs Seth Rollin & Roman Reigns

The Shield will win this.  I expect interference from Dean Ambrose and vice versa for his victory

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger

Del Rio wins this match, I prefer if Swagger wins this because Ziggler and Swagger have such a rich history that it would be easy to rehash the past.

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar

Plain and simple Lesnar wins. I expect bloodshed.

John Cena vs Ryback

I’m going out on the limb and i’ll say that this will end in a draw.  Interference from the Shield or a returning CM Punk.

Season Of Extreme!


The picture above is worth 1000 words…in my opinion! But when your talking Extreme, are you talking about any of these guys above? Besides Brock and Hunter of course. Zigler, Swagger, Del Rio? Or in fact Cena and Ryberg…cough Ryback? Not hardly! OK ok, Brock and Hunter aside….You have Jack Swagger…Possibly could be a contender at this years Extreme Rules PPV. Let’s face it, did we forget that he once held the ECW Championship? I mean Dolph and Del Rio are certainly contenders but isnt the Extreme nature of this nights events gonna have any effect? I love Dolph as Champ but lets face it he has been nothing more than an almost 100% jobber since he has held the title. Am I right? Del Rio, is out for revenge still after the Raw after Wrestlemaina when Dolph cashed in MIB. And lets face it…Del Rio has been through hell the last month. Swagger has the potential….I just don’t believe that he has a strong enough gimmick going on right now. I mean we “get it” But who is even interested? Im not!

Ugh! Let’s move to Skip Sheffield and John Cena…oops typo I meant Ryback. We cannot allow as the WWE universe, John Cena to be “That” guy! I mean really? The creative staff can’t honestly look at Cena in every situation and say “go get em kid.” It’s total blasphemy as far as I am concerned! And didn’t RVD beat him at the One Night Stand back in 2006? for the title? As far as Ryback look. I just don’t like him. The gimmick sucks and he will not be around as long as Punk or others. WWE staff are using him for his strength surly not his in ring talent? This match is a toss up, Could care less who wins, but what IF Ryback won? Sure Cena would get a rematch. But who would face the man who obviously does not get fed enough? In that case I’d hurry back CM Punk…cause we all know Ryback cannot beat him lol!  OK! Now the real deal! Brock vs Hunter in a steal cage. As far as I am concerned this will be nothing more than astonishing! Can you even fathom what is gonna happen with these two power houses locked inside a cage? I mean if you watched Wrestlemania(29) you can only hope and receive a treat from these two!

Which brings me to my next topic…… Kofi Kingston vs Dean Ambrose for the US Title. Now if you read my posts you know im a Shield kinda guy! So yeah with every ounce of love for professional wrestling I have, then YES! Dean Ambrose will be crowned the new US Champ! But wait! Theres more….Team Hell No against Rollins and Reigns of The Shield? Then I’m sorry to announce folks but if a single person from The Shield is gonna win a title then I guess tag team gold is coming home too! It makes sense right?? Look and read your wwe history and playbooks. Which leads me to Believe with May 19th around the corner and that being the big “accident” involving Kane as a child…..maybe time for a Heel turn….and possibly the best of the Big Red Monster we have seen in recent years! Could a back stab toward The Phenom be close resulting into a loss from his brother Kane at WM30?

Let’s talk…you know what to do…..comment lemmie know what you think?!

WWE: A Traveling Circus


Dolph Ziggler won’t be involved in this Sunday’s Extreme Rules PPV due to a concussion.  A concussion he suffered at a house show.  John Cena was also hurt at a house show.  Last summer Dolph Ziggler was given an opportunity to face Sheamus because Alberto Del Rio was hurt at a house show.

The WWE has five shows on television a week (Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, Superstars, Saturday Morning Slam).  With all of these shows on every week, injuries are bound to happen.  The issue however is that some of these injuries occur when they are least expected to happen.

The WWE has always held house shows.  The problem as of late is that the roster lacks depth, so stars like Cena, Orton, Ryback, Ziggler, Big Show, Sheamus, Del Rio, and The Shield perform very often, and with them performing so often injuries are bound to add up.

What the WWE needs to do is either cut back on the house shows or use other talent more often.  The main event caliber stars should rarely make appearances.  Fandango was tested at the house shows, it would be best to try out repackaged stars or NXT stars at the house shows.

If the WWE wants to continue the circus mentality, at least stop using the cream of the crop so often.

5 Reasons Why John Cena Should Shatter Ric Flair’s 16 Title Reigns

John Cena has been the go to guy in the WWE for the last 7 or 8 years.  Ever since the supplemental draft in 2005 when he came over to Monday Night Raw he has dominated the main event scene.  During that time Cena has defeated Edge, Orton, Triple H, Jericho, JBL, Batista, etc for the title or in defense of the championship.

Before his victory at Wrestlemania this past April Cena had been without the title for over a year. Even though he wasn’t champion, he still headlined the majority of the pay per views during CM Punks 400+ reign as champion.

Cena is currently in his 13th reign as champion, and with a lack of depth in the main event scene the title can only really be swapped between him and Punk.  Before I had a problem with Cena having the opportunity to eclipse Ric Flair’s 16 title reigns (22 if you ask Ric), but now I believe that it would be the best option for the WWE.  The fans don’t want to see Cena go on a long reign as champion, but it would be a better idea for him to battle back and forth for the title. At this point in Cena’s career, I  doubt the WWE would consider having him win the Intercontinental championship, even though that would make him a grand slam champion/ triple crown champion.

The only way Cena won’t eclipse Flair’s number of title reigns is if the WWE decides to not do it..I just think they will, and it’s ok for them to do it.

What’s with IMPACT Wrestling?

Remember the good old days territory wrestling?  Yeah, me either.  I became a fan of wrestling in 1998, perfect time right?  You had WCW, WWF, and ECW.  I enjoyed WCW mainly because of the cruiserweights and the tag division.  Another plus was that it came on at 7 so it didn’t interfere with my bedtime.  WCW had talking but it managed to showcase more matches than the WWF did.  ECW was just a perfect way to end a week if school, seeing Tommy Dreamer covered in blood just was a great way to start my weekend.  Fast forward 12 years WWE basically has a monopoly on the sports entertainment industry.  Ring of Honor is barely a blip on the radar, and IMPACT wrestling (formerly known as TNA) is the only other company getting a 1.0 rating or higher in television.  IMPACT has been around 11 years now, and with guys like Chris Sabin, AJ Styles, James Storm, Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode why is it that they still haven’t much success?  Look at the top if the card.  Bully Ray is the champ, before him it was Jeff Hardy.  Jeff Hardy is IMPACT’s flag bearer.  They rely to much on over the hill talent.  Aces&8 is filled with former WWE talent who never really hit it big.  Bully Ray has been terrific, but he is not a face if a company.  Jeff Hardy isn’t either.  IMPACT has been plagued with wrestlers past their prime for to long.  The problem with IMPACT is that they don’t rely on younger talent.  Once they start relying on their own homegrown talent they’ll be better off.