WWE SummerSlam

The 25th edition of SummerSlam is going to be epic. The story lines from the bottom of the card to the top of the card have been thought out, nothing appears to be forced or rushed, it’s just perfect.  A few problems, and hopefully it doesn’t happen is a triple threat for the tag titles, an Intercontinental title match, and U.S title match.  These three matches cannot happen because they’ll ruin what’s going to probably be the best pay per view of the year. 
With the announcement of what appears to be an Inferno match between Bray Wyatt and Kane has just made every match on the card as of now landscape changing in the WWE.  
John Cena doesn’t seem so super considering Daniel Bryan’s momentum and a looming viper. The main event is pretty much unpredictable.
What’s going to happen? Who will win? Will Damien Sandow cash in? Will Orton cash in and turn heel? What about CM Punk? August 18 will be unbelievable, so unbelievable I’ll actually pay to watch rather than rip it off of some sharing site. 
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Daniel Bryan vs John Cena

Word came out earlier today that Daniel Bryan will be going head to head with John Cena for the WWE championship this summer.  I’m not surprised.  What I am surprised by however is that the match has been made babyface vs babyface.  The last couple of weeks i’ve been convinced that Bryan was turning heel.  I actually would have liked him being more of a tweener.  Either way the new question arises.  Will he beat Cena? If he beats Cena cleanly he may be a mainstay in the main event scene.  To be honest Bryan is younger than Cena, and has fresher legs than he does.  Hopefully the WWE does the right thing and puts the title on Bryan.  If Bryan doesn’t beat Cena, i’d be happy to see him battle Dolph Ziggler throughout the summer for the World Heavyweight championship.  WHo could forget Bragging Rights 2010.  Anyway, congrats American Dragon…Bryan Danielson-I mean Daniel Bryan.

Beyond Wrestling 5/1/2013

In this particular post I am giving an open apology to Ryan for my lack of blogging over the past couple of weeks. However the reason in this is because we all know that as wrestling fans, it sometimes takes a week or more in order to get a feel of where a story line is heading. Since Wrestlemania, WWE has not really gave us much in a new “role” or “story line” that wasn’t predicted in the first place. The newest in any story lines is that of the BOD (brothers of destruction) and Daniel Bryan’s feud with The Shield.

And that story line has only been going on for a little more than a week now. So for everyone to understand how wrestling works…I feel that blogging after every show, match etc.  May get way out of hand and just be too much. HOWEVER, My promise to Ryan and Go Deep Sports is that, if it does take  me longer to post blogs it is only because of what I am witnessing does not need a new blog for. As stated before I like a story line to unfold a little more before commenting. BUT when it is time for me to blog I will in fact have 2-3 different blogs on certain stories that I think the viewers should watch out for and comment on telling me how YOU see the story lines playing out. So my apologies to Go Deep Sports and Ryan for lack of my posts. I hope we all are on the same page as Wrestling isn’t a constant role changer like other sports being blogged about! Thank You All Very Much! Coming up in the next 24 hrs. I will be blogging about, The Best In The World CM Punk, Dean Ambrose of The Shield, And Kane…May 19th is approaching. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?