WWE SummerSlam

The 25th edition of SummerSlam is going to be epic. The story lines from the bottom of the card to the top of the card have been thought out, nothing appears to be forced or rushed, it’s just perfect.  A few problems, and hopefully it doesn’t happen is a triple threat for the tag titles, an Intercontinental title match, and U.S title match.  These three matches cannot happen because they’ll ruin what’s going to probably be the best pay per view of the year. 
With the announcement of what appears to be an Inferno match between Bray Wyatt and Kane has just made every match on the card as of now landscape changing in the WWE.  
John Cena doesn’t seem so super considering Daniel Bryan’s momentum and a looming viper. The main event is pretty much unpredictable.
What’s going to happen? Who will win? Will Damien Sandow cash in? Will Orton cash in and turn heel? What about CM Punk? August 18 will be unbelievable, so unbelievable I’ll actually pay to watch rather than rip it off of some sharing site. 
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Poor Matt Striker

Earlier this week the WWE released Matt Striker.  Out of all of the commentators the WWE could release they released him? Really? Not the third wheel on Smackdown? 
Matt Striker has an extensive knowledge of wrestling much like JBL. Some of his references might go over some fans heads, but what he does reminds me of this quote a rapper said,’You can’t respect the new school if you played hookie.’ Mist wrestling fans now are children who know absolutely nothing about wrestling. Matt Striker when given a chance mentioned wrestlers from all over the world, he gave insight into a match much like William Regal does when commentating. 
Maybe this is a swerve. It was rumblings earlier this year that Striker was supposed to manage someone. Maybe he returns in some new capacity. As of now however, the WWE has lost a phenomenal talent. Impact Wrestling is looking for a color commentator…

WWE Money in the Bank

WWE Money in the Bank has been a popular staple for the WWE for a few years now.  We’ve seen stars become megastars (Edge and CM Punk) unfortunately we’ve seen more flounder after cashing in. Money in the Bank should really go to those who are right up against the glass ceiling and need something to break them through finally.
Dolph Ziggler was given the briefcase last summer, and it went absolutely nowhere. Then again Ziggler is The Showoff he was bound to break the glass.  
This year it should be one Money in the Bank. 10 superstars, at least 6 that can possibly win.  Those men should be Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro, Wade Barrett,  Big E Langston, Ryback, Kofi Kingston and the Shield. These 10 men will give the Money in the Bank ppv intrigue.  This also gives these stars something to do in the meantime.  New rivalries will be developed, and maybe even a couple face changes. 
Big E and Cody can stand to change.  It would have been smarter to have Cody be Kaitlin’s secret admirer because of the flirting that they were doing before Wrestlemania, and the fact that he’s a comic book geek (you dropped the ball WWE)
This Money in the Bank ppv can decide who’s going to be the flag bearer for the WWE after Cena’s imminent retirement. Hopefully the WWE starts thinking about the future rather than the present.

Daniel Bryan vs John Cena

Word came out earlier today that Daniel Bryan will be going head to head with John Cena for the WWE championship this summer.  I’m not surprised.  What I am surprised by however is that the match has been made babyface vs babyface.  The last couple of weeks i’ve been convinced that Bryan was turning heel.  I actually would have liked him being more of a tweener.  Either way the new question arises.  Will he beat Cena? If he beats Cena cleanly he may be a mainstay in the main event scene.  To be honest Bryan is younger than Cena, and has fresher legs than he does.  Hopefully the WWE does the right thing and puts the title on Bryan.  If Bryan doesn’t beat Cena, i’d be happy to see him battle Dolph Ziggler throughout the summer for the World Heavyweight championship.  WHo could forget Bragging Rights 2010.  Anyway, congrats American Dragon…Bryan Danielson-I mean Daniel Bryan.

Are You Ready to Football! WWE and the NFL


So besides the fact the Aaron Rodgers got a belt after winning the SUper Bowl and lets forget about the fact the Dwayne Johnson actually tried pro football before anyone had a chance to “smell” what he was cooking in wrestling. WWE is trying to create a smooth transition for plaayer whose NFL aspirations have tied out but they still want to stay in a professional athletic career. What would be a better place to go than the world of wrestling?

Jim Ross, a WWE announcer who now assists with the company’s talent-development program, is meeting Wednesday with NFL Players Association officials in Washington, D.C. Ross hopes to develop a working relationship that could lead to the NFLPA funneling players whose football aspirations have ended toward a WWE tryout.

“Everybody doesn’t make the 53-man roster,” Ross told co-host Jim Miller and me Tuesday night on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“Some guys are going to be looking for work, and we’ve got some job openings. Maybe we can put the synergies of those two entities together and create something wonderful some day.”

Not only that but wrestling can also be a gateway to other careers like Dwayne Johnson for example. Dwayne, who later branched into acting, has headlined WWE’s past two Wrestlemania events while remaining one of Hollywood’s biggest box-office draws.

Other current WWE superstars with backgrounds from other sports include John Cena (college football), The Undertaker (college basketball) and Brock Lesnar (amateur wrestling).

WWE has made a significant investment in trying to develop younger talent that can follow in the footsteps of those legends. The company recently announced plans to build a 26,000 square-foot training center in Orlando, Fla., where its developmental program will be based.

Welcom to the Big Time Curtis Axel


Last night Paul Heyman unveiled his new ‘Heyman Guy’.  The world was reintroduced to Michael McGillicutty.  Curtis Axel is a combination of his father’s name Curt Hennig and his grandfather’s Larry ‘The Axe’ Hennig.  Many people were skeptical about this move, but a lot of people have been excited about Curtis Axel for a very long time.  He worked with The Rock for his latest run, and Triple H has liked him for a while now as well.  On the mic he isn’t as good as his father, but partnering him with Heyman will give him the mouth piece he needs to back up his talent in the ring.  It was surprising that the twitter universe expected RVD to return last night, but with his constant violations with the wellness policy and his age it really made no sense whatsoever.   Curtis Axel is only 33 and its about time the WWE start to look toward the youth of the company in order to build toward the future.  Curtis Axel may or may not be WWE champion one day, but as of now I look forward to see what he’s capable of being.  The New Nexus angle didn’t give him an opportunity to shine, but maybe this time it’ll be different.  Welcome to the big time Curtis



The ongoing discussion on the WWE and their “PG” rating is beyond me. Ya know back when I was a kid there was never any type of discussion as such. But over the years when television channels started getting more……”Racy”. They set all of that up. Now today in the TV world it seems as if programs push the button to “show” or “say” a little bit more as time progresses. Which in my eyes is fine, of course if you don’t like it don’t watch it right? But for some reason the WWE is going backwards on that deal. Now granted there are small kids watching as WE DID when we were younger. I mean as far as the “Attitude” era, I think it was perfect. I mean hell in my eyes it could be exactly the same today and I wouldn’t mind even with how things have been evolving over the years on television. I mean take it for what it is but….When I watch the WWE shows and/or I am there live I see plenty of Adults getting in to it. Of course; they have to accompany their children. I think one of the big  problems is that, for me being an 80’s kid I can understand that perhaps a good majority of wrestling fans have grown out of it? Perhaps or maybe being adults don’t have time to keep up? I dunno for sure, just a mere view as I see it. SO if that were the case then why wouldn’t they want to keep a mild show? I mean kids = $$$$. We all know that, if you have a child into wrestling he wants it all! t-shirts, posters, games yadda yadda yadda. Its all about the marketing. And one thing that has made the WWE what it is today is the kids. I know you hate me for saying it! It’s ok….its simple logic. HOWEVER, let’s think about this…When I was growing up there were plenty of movies with an “R” rating…but in today’s society would only be “PG-13” do you understand? But the fact of the matter is, is that the WWE and their “PG” rating is SO mild that I think it’s between a “G” and “PG” BECAUSE, the ATTITUDE era of the late 90’s was “PG-13” or “TV-MA”. So with evolving that era’s “PG-13” would and SHOULD be today’s “PG-13” I hope you do not think i’m speaking in circles because I am not. I am just breaking down the simple logic of why I believe…1. The WWE needs the children of the WWE Universe to market more items. 2. The WWE has in fact went backward as far as TV ratings when most television programs have evolved themselves into a “PG-13” or “TV/MA” rating. 3. I think that if WWE’s ratings would have evolved with the rest of programming it may have gotten far more racy and that maybe the children wouldn’t necessarily be able to watch it! Now I know, I know what your thinking….so be it? give the kids their own show like the Saturday morning show and leave us adults with the good stuff!? Unfortunately I don’t see it happening soon. Regardless of ratings wrestling has always been and always will be a family show. But with the help Of HHH, Brock Lesnor, Paul Heyman(@HeymanHustle), Cm Punk and superstars like the Shield….there is a good possibility of a change in the “far” future. Maybe 5 years…..10 at the most I mean at the end of the day Vincent K. McMahon knows it has to happen…and who knows by then it may all be in the hands of HHH (Paul Levesque)!

WWE: A Traveling Circus


Dolph Ziggler won’t be involved in this Sunday’s Extreme Rules PPV due to a concussion.  A concussion he suffered at a house show.  John Cena was also hurt at a house show.  Last summer Dolph Ziggler was given an opportunity to face Sheamus because Alberto Del Rio was hurt at a house show.

The WWE has five shows on television a week (Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, Superstars, Saturday Morning Slam).  With all of these shows on every week, injuries are bound to happen.  The issue however is that some of these injuries occur when they are least expected to happen.

The WWE has always held house shows.  The problem as of late is that the roster lacks depth, so stars like Cena, Orton, Ryback, Ziggler, Big Show, Sheamus, Del Rio, and The Shield perform very often, and with them performing so often injuries are bound to add up.

What the WWE needs to do is either cut back on the house shows or use other talent more often.  The main event caliber stars should rarely make appearances.  Fandango was tested at the house shows, it would be best to try out repackaged stars or NXT stars at the house shows.

If the WWE wants to continue the circus mentality, at least stop using the cream of the crop so often.

5 Reasons Why John Cena Should Shatter Ric Flair’s 16 Title Reigns

John Cena has been the go to guy in the WWE for the last 7 or 8 years.  Ever since the supplemental draft in 2005 when he came over to Monday Night Raw he has dominated the main event scene.  During that time Cena has defeated Edge, Orton, Triple H, Jericho, JBL, Batista, etc for the title or in defense of the championship.

Before his victory at Wrestlemania this past April Cena had been without the title for over a year. Even though he wasn’t champion, he still headlined the majority of the pay per views during CM Punks 400+ reign as champion.

Cena is currently in his 13th reign as champion, and with a lack of depth in the main event scene the title can only really be swapped between him and Punk.  Before I had a problem with Cena having the opportunity to eclipse Ric Flair’s 16 title reigns (22 if you ask Ric), but now I believe that it would be the best option for the WWE.  The fans don’t want to see Cena go on a long reign as champion, but it would be a better idea for him to battle back and forth for the title. At this point in Cena’s career, I  doubt the WWE would consider having him win the Intercontinental championship, even though that would make him a grand slam champion/ triple crown champion.

The only way Cena won’t eclipse Flair’s number of title reigns is if the WWE decides to not do it..I just think they will, and it’s ok for them to do it.

Time to Call Up Bray Wyatt and The Family


The WWE has done a pretty decent job this year trying to revitalize the tag division.  Team Hell No and Team Rhodes Scholars are by far the best teams in the division.  I honestly had high hopes that the two teams would trade the titles back and forth, but oh well.  Besides those two teams the division still doesn’t have a true tag team that’s compelling.  If it weren’t for Oliver Grey being put on the shelf i’d suggest that he and Adrian Neville be called up.  The only downside to this is that the division doesn’t need another babyface group they need a riveting heel duo, that’s why you call up Bray Wyatt and the Family.  Bray Wyatt (formerly known as Husky Harris) is by far one of the best and most compelling mouthpieces the WWE has.  The three of them can be called up, and Bray Wyatt can be used as a manager at first then eventually start wrestling in his own matches.  Its about time that Team Hell No drop the belts.  Many people expect them to drop the titles to The Shield.  If they do that, it could cause dissension among the group.  The Shield should not win the titles and utilize the “Freebird Rule”.  The Family can win the titles, and Bray Wyatt can cause the group to have a lot heat from the crowd with his compelling and engaging promos.  If its really Triple H’s plan to revitalize the division look no further the answer is in NXT.