Two Rings to Rule Them All


Anyone remember Cofer, yea me neither. Anyway Mike Cofer played eight seasons in the NFL, and was on the 49ers team that won the Super Bowl in 1988 and in 1990.

Poor Cofer he was spending a nice afternoon out watching his son’s high school baseball game when a break-in occurred Thursday at his four-bedroom home. Authorities say burglars made off with two Super Bowl rings from the Las Vegas-area home.

“When I saw the front door bashed in, I pretty much knew what was going on,” Cofer told FOX5 news station in Las Vegas.

Cofer’s ex-wife, Lisa Cofer, told the Las Vegas Sun the thieves also took a coin collection, an Xbox game console and several games. She says they left a diamond ring. Really, what dumb thieves, lets not take a diamond ring. Remember less is more you’re not going to get anything for the Xbox. If it’s an Xbox, no one wants it, get into the year 2013. Second if it’s a 360 you could probably sell it to cheap GameStop for $30.

Cofer was clearly upset about his loss, telling FOX5, “Something that you cherish, something that you feel proud of, put a lot of hard work into, and someone thinks they deserve it more than you do.”

“They can take a ring or a watch or whatever, but they weren’t on the field that night, so they’ll never be able to take that memory,” Cofer told FOX5. Either that’s the most boss sentence I’ve ever heard or the dumbest, not quite sure.


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