3 Of My 4 Favs +1 Fall


Last night was not a good night for me and baseball. My four favorite teams are the Indians, Angels, Giants, and Cubs. How I ended up with two in the American league and two in the National league I don’t know. Happy accident! Last night though I called them all wrong and only one of them won.

My Indians I thought would for sure beat the Phillies but lost 6-2.

The Giants I thought could take the Blue Jays but with a too little too late rally by the Giants and going up against Dickey who was pitching a great game they fell 10-6.

The Cubs I had to win over the Rockies haven beaten them 9-1 the night before but flipped it and ended up losing 9-4.

The team that won that I didn’t think would was the Angels, beating the Royals 6-2. I guess homers from Pujols, Kendrick, Hamilton, and Trout will do that for you. This works for me too Because it keeps the Royals from getting closer to catching up to my Indians in their division.

Lastly my +1 I put in here for Ryan because I really think his Brewers, who played a great game, should have had this one but lost to a walk off homer by McCutchen in the 12th against them Pirates.

Some nights just go this way I guess!


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